MTA - Media & Theatre Arts


MTA 511. Production Field Techniques I. 2 Credits. (2 Rct) F

Basic field production techniques in film, video, sound, editing. Train on digital video, 16 mm cinematography, sound recording and digital nonlinear editing.

MTA 512. Prod Mgmt & Studies I. 2 Credits. (2 Lec) F

COREQUISITE: MTA 510, 511. An introduction to working professionals and faculty that examines successful filmmaking methodologies. May include presentations, forums or seminars designed to explore specific actual production scenarios on a variety of documentary subjects including producing, directing, cinematography, sound, editing, grant writing, distribution and funding.

MTA 516. Production Field Techniques II. 2 Credits. (2 Rct) S

PREREQUISITE: MTA 510, 511. COREQUISITE: MTA 515. Advanced field and studio production exercises in equipment use and applications, including high definition digital imaging, 16mm cinematography, location and studio sound recording and advanced editing and digital effects.

MTA 531. Bus Legal Aspects Film. 1 Credit. (1 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITES: MTA 504, MTA 505, MTA 507, MTA 510, MTA 515, MTA 518, MTA 519 or permission of instructor. This course will examine business and legal issues relating to the production of documentary films.

MTA 532. Underwater Cinematography. 1 Credit. (1 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITES: MTA 515 and MTA 516 and permission of instructor. This course will focus on the skills and training necessary to begin filming in the underwater environment.

MTA 552. Adv Production Practices I. 4-6 Credits. (1-6 Lab; 6 cr max) F,S

PREREQUISITE: MTA 510, 511, 512, 515, 516, 517. COREQUISITE: MTA 572. Pre-production and production of the second year agenda-based professional project sponsored by a hosting agency that finds significant usage. Proposals and treatments are to be polished and refined so that dialogues with broadcasters and hosting agencies can be effectively initiated and funding fully secured. With approval of advisor and graduate committee, production sequence may begin.

MTA 553. Adv Production Practices II. 4-6 Credits. (4 Rct; 6 cr max) S

PREREQUISITE: MTA 510,511,512,515,516,517,552. COREQUISITE: MTA 572. Production and post-production of the second year agenda-based professional project that finds significant usage. Production and/or post production work is to be completed and deliverables presented to the hosting agency. Selects and all cuts are to be screened and critiqued by the hosting agency and by the advisor and graduate committee. The post production phase concludes with the completion of the second year project and the presentation of deliverables to the hosting agency and/or broadcast and distribution venues.

MTA 554. Prod Pract:Post-Production. 3-4 Credits. (3 Ind) S

PREREQUISITE: MTA 550 and 552. A committee directed course in which the students begin the post-production phase and concludes with the completion of their second year project.

MTA 572. Thesis Preparation. 1 Credit. (1 Lab) S

PREREQUISITE: MTA 510,511,512,515,516,517. COREQUISITE: MTA 552 or 553. Proposals and treatments are distributed to project advisor and to the graduate committee by the first day of fall semester for workshop review and critique. Pre-production, production and post-production schedule milestones must be determined in conjunction with advisor and graduate committee who provide oversight for the entire second year project production sequence. Due to the widely varying nature and unique demand of each project, those unable to meet the preferred residency requirements for their second year project and this course must adhere to a strict teleconference meeting schedule with their advisor and graduate committee and meet all due date requirements for materials review.