M.S. in Immunology and Infectious Diseases

The M.S. in Immunology and Infectious Diseases requires the below courses.  The list represents only the minimum number of courses a student will take; as the student may be required to take preparatory courses if they are found to be deficient in specific areas (for example, Biochemistry or Immunology). These additional classes can count in the students Program of Study (no more than 9 credits can be 400-level). The students' Ph.D. adviser may recommend additional coursework if it is relevant to the research within the Ph.D. program.

20 credits coursework
10 credits 590 thesis credits
30 credits total

BIOB 524Ethical Practice of Science3
IMID 501Exper Immunology/Pathology3
IMID 505Eukaryotic Gene Regulation3
IMID 594Seminar (4 credit max)1
IMID 590Master's Thesis10
Total Credits30