Superintendent Licensure


This is a post-master’s program.  Although formal admission into the Educational Leadership program is not required, candidates must apply to the Graduate School as a non-degree seeking student before April 1. Candidates must also hold a master’s degree and principal endorsement as a prerequisite for taking courses within this option. The Superintendent Licensure Program provides the minimum academic requirements needed for a Superintendent Endorsement in Montana to those currently holding a Class III License with a K-12 Principal Endorsement.

Program Flow

Courses are offered in a blended format. The summer courses start with online instruction in May, face-to-face instruction later in June, and course completion in July.

Contact the Department of Education's Graduate Program Office (see contact information below) before April 1, for assistance in completing the Graduate Application for a non-degree seeking student.
*Note, there will be no fee attached to the application, as students will not be associated with the MSU Graduate School. The application is merely for contact and previous schooling information.

Contact Dr. Tena Versland, Program Leader in Educational Leadership, to discuss the lineup of courses required for certification and individual circumstances.

Information about course offerings may be found on the Department of Education website:

Program of Study

All candidates must complete courses in the following: Montana School Law; Montana School Finance; Montana Collective Bargaining and Employent Law. MSU Courses that satisfy those requirements are: EDLD 655; EDLD 650; EDLD 645
EDLD 620The School Superintendent3
EDLD 645Personnel and Collective Bargaining in MT3
EDLD 650MT Finance & Facilities3
EDLD 655MT Legal & Policy Studies3
EDLD 574Field Experience in Educational Leadership3
Total Credits15

*Candidates with 5 or more years experience as a principal and who have extensive central office experience may petition the faculty to waive the Field Experience requirement.

*Note: candidates who do not have a K-12 endorsement must also take EDLD 565 Instructional Leadership and 3 credits of EDLD 574 Field Experience in a setting that compliments their current principal endorsement. Those with a Secondary School Principal endorsement will perform Field Experience in an elementary school setting. Those with an Elementary School Principal endorsement will perform Field Experience in a secondary school setting.

How to Apply

Contact the Educational Leadership faculty to discuss requirements for licensure.

Complete the Graduate School application available online at the Graduate School website.

Educational Leadership Faculty

Dr. Tena Versland, Program Leader
406-994-6799 Email:

Dr. Bill Ruff
406-994-4182 Email:

Dr. David Henderson
406-994-6424 Email:

Dr. Art Bangert
406-994-7424 Email:

Contact Information

Micki MacGregor, Graduate Program Assistant
PO Box 172880, Reid Hall 215
Department of Education, Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880
Phone: 406-994-6786 Email: