Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences

The master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences creates opportunities for students to develop a deeper and applied understanding of family and human development theory, research methods, and program planning and evaluation. If so desired, the program specifically provides an emphasis option in Early Childhood Education/Child Development. The master’s degree is designed to accommodate students who wish to attend graduate school full-time (blended—face-to-face and online courses) and working professionals who require more flexibility (all online).

Required Courses

CHTH 548Program Planning and Evaluation3
HDCO 554Develop Theory Across Lifespan3
HDFS 515Statistical Approaches to Studying Children, Families and Communities 3
or EDCI 501 Educational Statistics I
HDFS 545Contemporary Family Issues 3
Choose one of the following:6-10
Prof Paper & Project (6 cr. required)
or HDFS 590 Thesis (10 cr. required)
HDFS 598Internship3
HHD 501Prof Comm Skills in HHD3
HHD 512Research Methods in HHD3
Total Credits36-40


Distance education options
CHTH 405Caregiving & Aging Families3
CHTH 430Mental Health & Social Issues in Aging3
CHTH 435Human Response To Stress3
HDFS 459Reaching the Hurt Child3
HDFS 461Principles Wellbeing in Aging3
HDFS 465RFamily Law & Public Policy3
HDFS 572Professional Practicum2-6
HDFS 592Independent Study1-3
HDFS 598Internship2-12
On-campus options
BMGT 469Community Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Management3
CHTH 428Health Disparities3
CHTH 435Human Response To Stress3
CHTH 503Community-Based Participatory Research3
EDEC 430Social and Emotional Development in the Young Child3
EDEC 450Literacy in the EC Classroom3
HDFS 437Managing Work and Family3
HDFS 450Curric Dev in FCS Education3
HDFS 457Family Life Education3
HDFS 460Parenting3
HDFS 464Gndr, Rce, Clss, and Fam Diver3
HDFS 465RFamily Law & Public Policy3