Addiction Counseling


The Addiction Counseling Certificate program is an online academic preparation program that prepares students to become LAC – eligible in Montana. This program offers all academic graduate coursework needed to pursue internship/licensure with the State of Montana. Significantly, this is a graduate certificate program – not a master’s degree program. Students must have a bachelor's degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 to apply.

Students must earn 12 credits of addiction specific coursework in order to earn the Addiction Counseling Certificate from MSU. State licensure requirements are different, and students will be advised to take additional MSU addiction specific coursework to meet the State of Montana requirements. 

Prerequisite coursework for the State of Montana licensure depends upon on your educational background. The MSU Addiction Counseling Certificate program provides individual academic advisement and tailors a program of study based on individual student academic backgrounds. 


Complete 12 credits from the course list to receive the MSU Addiction Counseling Certificate.  State licensure may require all 30 credits depending on students prior academic coursework.


LAC 501 (Spring)3
LAC 502 (Spring)3
LAC 503 (Fall)3
LAC 504 (Fall)3
LAC 505 (Summer)3
LAC 506 (Fall)3
LAC 507 (Spring)3
LAC 508 (Summer)3
LAC 509 (Spring)3
LAC 510 (Fall)3

For More Information

About the Program

Contact Katey Franklin, Program Director, at or (406) 994-5993.

About the Application Process

Contact Sarah Hendrikx, Program Manager, at or (406) 994-7441.

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