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ENTO 520. Insect Physiology. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F alternate years, to be offered even years.

PREREQUISITE: BIOO 262IN and one of the following: BIOH 340, BIOO 412, BIOO 413, BIOO 433, BIOO 465, ENTO 514, or ENTO 525. The course focuses on a systems physiology approach, emphasizing the principles of insect physiology and insect physiological ecology. Material covered will include the digestive, respiratory, excretory, and circulatory processes, neurophysiology and communication, endocrinology, reproductive systems, muscular systems and locomotion, defensive mechanisms, and water balance. The basic course goal is to provide a strong fundamental understanding of insect physiological function as it relates to the environment. Emphasis will be placed on process comprehension.