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FILMĀ 112. Aesthetics of Film Prodctn I. 3 Credits. (1 Lec, 2 Lab) F,S

An understanding of motion pictures, video art and television practice through study of principles of concept and production. Will include assignments to view and critique selected examples and the completion of short exercises.

Film and Photography

The School of Film and Photography (SFP) prepares students to meet the challenges of a rapidly expanding media environment as informed critical thinkers and professionally trained creative artists. Our students develop their own voices as tomorrow's leaders through intensive hands-on exploration of motion picture, photography, theatre and new media production.

Film Option

Students in the Film Option gain hands-on experience in all aspects of motion picture production, supported by theatrical production work. Students have opportunities to engage in film production throughout the program, starting in the first year and culminating in a senior thesis film project. At the same time, students study film history, film aesthetics, and the film industry, to broaden their understanding of the film medium and inform their personal filmmaking goals.

Photography Minor (Non-Teaching)

...eligibility requirements as majors described above, excluding FILM 112 . Accepted Photo minors are required to...

Photography Option

...Foundation Courses (typically taken in freshman year) * FILM 112 , WRIT 101W and University Seminar are...