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M 476. Introduction to Topology. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

Alternate Odd Years PREREQUISITES: M 221 and M 242 or consent of instructor. Provides an intuitive and rigorous introduction to this important and broad-ranging discipline of modern mathematics. Students will learn to recognize those properties which are topological, i.e., stable under small perturbation. Course participants will compute and see the utility of various topological invariants which arise in a variety of fields from data science, to particle physics, to advanced mathematics.

M.A. in Native American Studies

Native American Studies offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Native American Studies with an inter-disciplinary approach which makes the best possible use of university resources. The program allows each graduate student the opportunity to select a course of study that combines Native American Studies and a student's particular area of interest (e.g., history, business, literature, political science). The 30/31-credit program is designed so that each graduate student could complete the program within three to four semesters of concentrated work. Students will be expected to attend at least two full semesters on campus. Students who have completed the graduate certificate in Native American Studies may transfer 9 credits of classwork to the Master's degree. The program's mission, purpose, and objective emphasis is to graduate, in a timely manner, knowledgeable professionals and academicians well grounded in Native American issues and scholarship.