Student Health Service and Psychological Services

Swingle Student Health Center

The Swingle Student Health Center is located at the east end of the Strand Union Building. The Student Health Service provides a wide range of out-patient medical care and health promotion services for MSU students and spouses. In addition to routine health care, the Student Health Service has a clinical laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy, and nutrition services. The Student Health Service is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care and is a member of the American College Health Association. All MSU students who carry seven or more credits are charged the health fee each semester and are eligible for care at the Student Health Service. Students carrying fewer than seven credits and non-student spouses may also receive care at the Student Health Service if they pay the health fee. For more information call 406-994-2311.


All MSU students are required to show proof of current immunizations against the following vaccine-preventable diseases: measles, mumps, and rubella (two doses of each unless born before 1957). New students must also complete the Student Health Service’s tuberculosis screening form. Students identified by the screening process as high risks for tuberculosis must be tested. Students will not be permitted to register for classes until the Student Health Services receives verification of immunizations, screening, and (if required) tuberculosis testing.

Medical Insurance Plan

Montana State University students who carry six or more credits are required to carry health insurance. Health insurance is available for all MSU students through a university-sponsored health insurance program.  Students who have adequate health insurance may waive participation in the University plan.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic is located at the south end of the Swingle Student Health Center. The Dental Clinic is a preventive and urgent care facility. Services include: check-ups, cleaning, emergency treatment, consultations, and referrals. Some limited routine services can be provided as time permits. Treatment is by appointment only, except for emergencies which can be seen on a walk-in basis. Students who have paid the Health Service fee are eligible to utilize the clinic. Part time students taking fewer than seven credits may pay this fee optionally. For appointments or more information, phone 406-994-2314.

Health Advancement

Health Advancement Educates, Empowers and Energizes the MSU community to thrive through a balanced lifestyle.  We employ the public health approach which works to create an environment that supports making healthy choices.  Health Advancement uses evidence-informed programs, activities and educational campaigns designed to allow students to be successful academically and personally.  We take a harm reduction approach to alcohol, tobacco and drug use, promote safe sexual practices, positive body image, healthy nutrition, the development of resiliency, positive stress management and healthy sleep hygiene habits among other wellness related topics.  The Office of Health Advancement offers paid internships to allow students the opportunity to apply theory to practice while still in school and works collaboratively with other campus and community partners.   For more information, please call 406-994-4380 or visit our website at

The VOICE Center

This program is part of MSU Health Promotion with the goal of providing free confidential support, advocacy, and referral services to survivors of rape, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. Trained student advocates and professional staff work with faculty, other campus professionals, and the Bozeman community to provide campus-wide advocacy and education. Services include walk-in hours as well as a 24-hour crisis line. Students of any age or gender are invited to stop in or call for information: 406-994-7069.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling & Psychological Service (CPS) provides free, confidential counseling to eligible MSU students. CPS sees approximately 900 students each year for a variety of concerns, including adjustment difficulties, academic struggles, depression, anxiety, relationships, substance use, eating disorders, current/past trauma or abuse, problematic behaviors, identity concerns or sexual health/sexuality issues and couples/relationship counseling.

In addition to counseling services, CPS staff is available to speak on an array of topics of general interest to the college population, such as time/stress management, wellness, healthy relationships, and awareness/prevention of depression, anxiety, substance use and suicide. They also provide consultation and training to student organizations, faculty and staff.

CPS is staffed by licensed psychologists and counselors, as well as advanced graduate students. On campus for over 20 years, the agency is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Centers and the training program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. For more information, see their website at