Bobcat 4X4 Summer School

Bobcat 4x4 is Montana State University's new summer school format designed to help students catch up or get ahead in their progress toward a degree. Classes meet four days a week for four weeks, with fast-paced courses in an immersive environment. Flexibility in scheduling and focus in studies are cornerstones to this new format. 200+ classes spread across three sessions means that students have the flexibility to spend a month or two in class and the rest of summer taking advantage of jobs or internships and enjoying summertime in Bozeman.

There are four,  4-week Bobcat 4x4 (four weeks, four days a week)  parts-of-term offered this summer:

May start (May 13-June 7),

June start (June 10-July 5) and

July start (July 8-August 2)

Late Summer ( July 22- August 16) 

Bobcat 4x4 classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday (M,T,W,R). During Memorial Day and Independence Day holiday weeks, classes will meet on Friday to make up for the day off.

May 27 make-up: Friday, May 30

July 4 make-up: Friday, July 5

The summer courses will be intensive with each of the 16 class days covering a week's worth of material.

1 credit = 10 hours/week of class time and studying

Students are limited to 6-credits in any given 4-week part-of-term. While a student could take two 3-credit classes, that is generally not recommended. Rather, the intent is for students to take one class per 4-week session. By taking one face-to-face class per part-of-term a student can still complete an entire semester's worth of coursework over the summer! 

In addition to the four, 4-week sessions, several classes are offered in six-week and 12-week sessions.  For a complete list of courses visit or