Departmental Contacts

Students seeking information regarding specific courses are encouraged to contact the appropriate academic departments. Following is a list of course rubrics with the contact phone numbers and email addresses of the overseeing departments.

ACTGJake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship994-4681
Dept. of Agricultural Economics and
AGEDDivision of Agricultural
AMSTCollege of Letters and
ANTHDept. of Sociology &
ARCHSchool of Architecture994-5772
ARNRDept. of Animal & Range Sciences
ARTHSchool of
ARTZSchool of
ASTRDept. of
BCHDept. of Chemistry &
BFINJake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship
BGENJake Jabs College of Business &
BIOBDept. of
BIOEDept. of Ecology
BIOHDept. of Cell Biology & Neuroscience
BIOLDept. of Cell Biology &
BIOODept. of
BMGTJake Jabs College of Business &
BMISJake Jabs College of Business &
BMKTJake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship
BRENDept. of Civil
CAACollege of Arts & Architecture
CEDept. of Civil Engineering
CETDept. of Civil
CHBEDept. of Chemical & Biological
CHMYDept. of Chemistry &
CHTHDept. of Health & Human
COADept. of Health & Human
COMUniversity Studies
CSDept. of Computer
CSCIDept. of Computer
ECNSDept. of Agricultural Economics &
EDCIDept. of Education: Undergraduate Courses
EDCIDept. of Education: Graduate Courses994-6786
EDECDept. of Health & Human
EDELDept. of
EDLDDept. of
EDSDDept. of
EDSPDept. of Health & Human
EELEDept. of Electrical & Computer
EFINDept. of Mechanical & Industrial
EMDept. of Civil Engineering
ENGLDept. of English
ENGRCollege of
ENVEDept. of Civil
ERTHDept. of Earth
ESOFDept. of Computer
FCSDept. of Health & Human
FRCHDept. of Modern Languages and
GDSNSchool of
GEODept. of Earth
GPHYDept. of Earth Sciences
HDCODept. of Health & Human Development
HORTDept. of Plant Sciences & Plant
HSTADept. of History & Philosophy
HSTRDept. of History &
HTHDept. of Health and Human Development
IMSEDept. of Mechanical & Industrial
KINDept. of Health & Human
LACDept. of Health and Human
LINGDept. of English
LITDept. of
LRESDept. of Land Resources & Environmental
M Dept. of Mathematical
MBDept. of
MBEHDept. of
MEDept. of Mechanical & Industrial
MEDSWWAMI Medical Program
MEDSHealth Professions
METDept. of Mechanical & Industrial
MLDept. of Modern Languages & Literatures
MSSEIntercollege Programs for Science Education
MTASchool of Film & Photography
MUSESchool of
MUSISchool of Music
MUSTSchool of
NASXDept. of Native American Studies
NRSGCollege of
NUTRDept. of Health & Human Development
PHLDept. of History &
PHOTSchool of Film & Photography
PHSXDept. of Physics
PSCIDept. of Political
PSPPDept. of Plant Sciences & Plant
PSYXDept. of
RLSTDept. of History & Philosophy
SFBSDept. of Health & Human
SOCIDept. of Sociology & Anthropology
SPNSDept. of Modern Languages &
STATDept. of Mathematical Sciences
TEDept. of Education: Undergraduate Courses
THTRSchool of Film & Photography
WILDDept. of Ecology
WRITDept. of