ACT - Activities: General

ACT 110. Beginning Weight Training. 1 Credit. (1 Lab; 3 cr max) F,S

Learn proper weight lifting techniques, how to create a personalized weight training program, and the basics of anatomy/physiology as they relate to weight lifting.

2018 Summer Session11359001Second Half Session-- -

ACT 129. Circuit Training. 1 Credit. (1 Lab; 3 cr max) S

Learn different modes of fitness utilizing a timed sequence of exercises. This includes instruction on weight training and aerobic training. Students will gain knowledge on how to improve muscular strength, body composition, and cardiovascular endurance.

2018 Summer Session11088001May StartMTWRMHFCS GYM7:00am - 7:50am

ACT 150. Beginning Yoga. 1 Credit. (1 Lab; 3 cr max) F,S,Su

This class is designed for the beginning yoga student. Students will learn to demonstrate basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy, identify basic anatomy and principles of alignment and identify the values of mind-body fitness toward a healthy lifestyle. Pass/Fail.

2018 Summer Session10932001June-start: 4x4MTWRMHFCSTUDIO 37:00am - 7:50am
2018 Summer Session11654002July-start: 4x4MTWRMHFCSTUDIO 37:00am - 7:50am

ACT 173. Beg Fly Fishing/Fly Tying. 1 Credit. (1 Lab)

Basic skills and knowledge of fly fishing including; casting, entomology, habitat, stream ethics, tackle, tactics, and strategy.

2018 Summer Session11655001May StartFS-1:00pm - 4:00pm