EDCI - Education Curriculum & Instr

EDCI 501. Educational Statistics I. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,Su

PREREQUISITE: STAT 216, graduate standing or consent of instructor. The application of statistical processes to the analysis of educational data. Educational problems that require hypothesis testing, regression, estimation and the T-distribution, analysis of frequencies, and ANOVA in their solution will be included.

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EDCI 506. Applied Educational Research. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing. Students are introduced to systematic scientific inquiry, its purpose in an educational environment, the different approaches to conducting educational research, and the major components of an educational research study. Providing a foundation for further study of research methodologies, students will identify and evaluate existing literature on a topic and conduct an educational research study. Course will address responsible conduct of research.

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EDCI 531. Contemporary Issues in Education. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su

This course is designed to establish the necessary social, technical, and research, foundations for cohort groups in the Master's degree program. This course will examine critical issues in education including advanced pedagogy, Indian Education for All, and school law.

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EDCI 543. Introduction to Curriculum Design and Assessment. 1 Credit. (1 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITES: Must be enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. Fundamental concepts of educational curriculum planning and assessment for classroom teachers, including the relationship of assessment to educational standards and learning activities, quality of assessment, principles of item construction, evaluation of student responses, interpretation of results, improvement of techniques, and differentiation of planning.

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EDCI 546. School Library Media Specialist. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing. This course will examine the management and leadership role of the school library media specialist and how the library media center fits into the educational setting. Restricted to Library Media Certificate students.

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EDCI 548. Management of Information & Resources. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing. Students learn the management, development, use, and evaluation of materials for building library collections in K-12 library media centers. Restricted to Library Media Certificate students.

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EDCI 563. Language and Literacy Teaching and Assessment. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITE: Must be enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. This class is based on the understanding that reading is a complex, multi-faceted process, which involves active processing of text. Skilled readers have strong word recognition skills, are fluent, possess an expansive vocabulary, and understand that reading is the construction of meaning. While reading, they self-regulate and use any number of fix-up strategies when comprehension breaks down. Struggling or striving readers benefit from a teacher who can guide them to become competent, strategic readers. Additionally, such a teacher knows how to use formative assessments to inform instruction. How these topics interface is the focus of this class.

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EDCI 571. In-Service Education. 1-4 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 4 cr max) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing and employment by sponsoring school organization. An approved supervised group study of an educational problem within a local school supervised by an MSU faculty member which culminates in a special report to be filed with the local district and the.

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EDCI 578. Internship-BPE Teacher Certification-Library Media. 1-2 Credits. (1-2 Ind; 7 max)F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: Must be in the An internship course restricted to BPE teacher certification students enrolled in the Library Media Certificate program.

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EDCI 588. Professional Development. 1-3 Credits. (1-3 Lab; 3 cr max) On Demand

Courses offered on a one-time basis to fulfill professional development needs of in service educators. A specific focus is given to each course which is appropriately subtitled.

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EDCI 591. Special Topics. 1-4 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 12 cr max) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: Upper division courses and others as determined for each offering. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

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