GEO - Geology

GEO 111IN. Dinosaurs. 3 Credits. (2 Lec) S alternate years, to be offered even years.

This course provides an introduction to dinosaur paleontology. Students will learn how hypotheses about extinct animals are formulated and tested, with comparisons to modern sedimentary environments and living animals. Recitation sections allow discussion of current research and hands-on experience with sedimentary rocks and fossils. Field trips provide additional education opportunities.

2018 Summer Session11378001First Half Session-- -

GEO 419. Field Paleontology. 2 Credits. (1 Lec, 1 Lab) Su alternate years, to be offered even years.

PREREQUISITE: GEO 208IN. This two-week class provides field experience in vertebrate paleontology, including sedimentology, facies analysis, measuring stratigraphic sections, microsite screening, field identification of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils, excavation of fossil specimens, and taphonomic data collecting.

2018 Summer Session11610001Non-standard term dates 11-JUN-18 24-JUN-18-- -

GEO 429R. Field Geology. 3 Credits. (3 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITE: ERTH 307, GEO 211, GEO 309, and GEO 315. Must receive a minimum grade of "C" in these courses. A capstone course for the geology and paleontology options. Summer field course with application of field procedures and mapping techniques to a variety of geologic problems and exercises. Students will study a range of rock types, sedimentary depositional environments, and structural deformation styles in order to learn the geological and tectonic history of the western North America Cordillera. Extensive hiking and outdoor physical challenges require that students be physically fit. A fee for supplies, transportation, and other logistical expenses is required.

2018 Summer Session10914001First Half Session-- -
2018 Summer Session11337002First Half Session-- -

GEO 521. Dinosaur Paleontology. 2 Credits. (1 Lec, 1 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITE: Graduate Standing. This course is an introduction to Dinosaur Paleontology and Hell Creek Formation of Eastern Montana. It will provide information and hands-on experience in field techniques used in vertebrate paleontology, including interpretation of sedimentary environments and taphonomy.

2018 Summer Session11214001Non-standard term dates 25-JUN-18 30-JUN-18-- -