HSTR - History-World

HSTR 101IH. Western Civilization I. 4 Credits. (3 Lec, 1 Rct) F,S,Su

Survey of the ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, and the European world through 1600. Emphasis on social, economic, and cultural history.

2018 Summer Session10413801First Half Session-- -

HSTR 205CS. The World Environment. 3 Credits. (3 Lec)

Examines the history, science, and ethics of risk, focusing on the complex relationship of science, technology, and risk in modern age. Includes exploration of knowledge production in science and technology; case studies such as industrial health and safety, the atomic age, "natural" disasters, and global warming to understand how risk has been defined, perceived, and remedied; and team research projects on such topics as automobile safety, earthquakes, and maquiladores.

2018 Summer Session11102801First Half Session-- -

HSTR 436. Armed Conflict for Moderan Latin America. 3 Credits. (3 Lec, D)

PREREQUISTIE: HSTR 130 or HSTR 102IH or junior standing or consent of instructor. Considers the roots and outcomes of different armed conflicts in modern Latin America, including foreign intervention, revolutionary conflict, state violence, and extralegal violence.

2018 Summer Session11000801First Half Session-- -