HTH - Health

HTH 220. Human Sexuality. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S Su On Demand

A study of all aspects of human sexuality including the sexual reproductive systems, sexual behaviors, contraception, gender roles, sexual functioning, and sexually transmitted diseases.

2017 Summer Session10596801First Half Session-- -

HTH 455. The Ethic of Care. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S,Su On Demand

PREREQUISITE: FCS 101, PSYX 100 or SOCI 101 and junior standing. This course, intended for students interested in working in human service professions (education, health, social work, counseling, human relations and resources) will focus on understanding and applying the theory of the ethic of care in real world situations. Theoretical support for the ethic of care found in diverse areas of philosophy, social justice, education, feminism, parenting, nursing, theology, and medicine will be explored. Utilizing a service learning approach, students will be engaged in understanding theories related to the ethic of care through both in-class lecture and discussion and outreach in the community.

2017 Summer Session10581001Non-standard term dates 15-MAY-17 26-MAY-17FHH1177:30am - 11:05am
2017 Summer Session10581001Non-standard term dates 15-MAY-17 26-MAY-17MTWRHH1177:30am - 12:20pm