KIN - Kinesiology

KIN 221. Hlth Anatomy & Physiology. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,Su On Demand

This course will focus on the key elements of anatomy and physiology necessary for students in allied health professions, specifically those who will work the areas of community health, health enhancement education, health promotion, and kinesiology. The aim of this course is for students to demonstrate working knowledge of the muscular, skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory, endocrine, and digestive systems, as well as body metabolism.

2017 Summer Session11363001Intersession-- -
2017 Summer Session11398801Full Semester-- -

KIN 325R. Biomechanics. 4 Credits. (3 Lec, 1 Lab) F,S

PREREQUISITE: HDFS 371, KIN 322, M 151Q or M 161Q, and PHSX 205. COREQUISITE: STAT 216Q. This course emphasizes the effects of structure, motion, forces, and their effects on and within the human body using both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Additional emphasis will be placed on the development of critical thinking skills associated with biomechanics-related research and interpretation.

2017 Summer Session11399001First Half SessionMTWRFROM2039:00am - 10:15am
2017 Summer Session11400002First Half SessionTRROM20310:30am - 1:30pm

KIN 491. Special Topics. 3 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 12 cr max) On Demand

Max 12 cr. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one-time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

2017 Summer Session11112001Non-standard term dates 15-MAY-17 04-AUG-17-- -
2017 Summer Session11364003First Half Session-- -
2017 Summer Session11365002First Half Session-- -