LIT - Literature

LIT 110IH. Introduction to Literature. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

Introduction to basic concepts including but not limited to: plot, character, theme, symbol, and the primary literary modes of poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will be introduced to terms through a standard handbook which should accommodate all future English courses.

2018 Summer Session11679801Second Half Session-- -

LIT 169IH. Literature as Popular Culture. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) S

An exploration of the interrelationship between high and low (popular) cultural traditions, emphasizing the social and artistic significance of popular cultural texts.

2018 Summer Session11392001May StartMTWRWIL11252:00pm - 4:35pm

LIT 202CS. The Environmental Imagination. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) S

An exploration of major developments in the study of environmental literature that introduces students to current debates and discussions about how diverse cultures have imagined the human place in the nonhuman world.

2018 Summer Session11393801First Half Session-- -

LIT 285D. Mythologies. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

The study of specific cultural mythologies to explore the nature, function, and theory of myth.

2018 Summer Session10547801First Half Session-- -

LIT 308. Multicultural Literature. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) S

PREREQUISITES: Sophomore standing and any 200-level Literature course. Focuses on literature by American minorities, women, and ethnic subcultures.

2018 Summer Session11680001June-start: 4x4-- -

LIT 335. Women and Literature. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

Alternate Odd Years PREREQUISITE: Sophomore standing and a 200-level LIT course. A study of the relationship between women and literature, with some attention to feminist approaches to critical interpretation.

2018 Summer Session11177801Second Half Session-- -

LIT 382. Literature for Children and Adolescents. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F alternate years, to be offered even years.

PREREQUISITE: Sophomore standing and a 200-level LIT course. Studies in selected literary works for children and young adults. The course may focus on genres, authors, themes, and/or critical approaches.

2018 Summer Session11178801First Half Session-- -