NRSG - Nursing

NRSG 115. Nursing as a Profession. 2 Credits. (2 Lec) F,S

Su The purpose of this course is to initiate and foster the professional socialization process. Content and activities expose students to issues surrounding the profession of nursing, multiple roles of nursing in society and health care, and concepts related to the dimensions of nursing practice: nurse, client, health and environment.

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2018 Summer Session10449004Full Semester-- -

NRSG 220. Foundatns Ethcl Nrsng Recitatn. 2 Credits. (1 Lec, 1 Rct) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: Consent of Instructor. Drawing on contemporary issues in bioethics this foundational course explores influential moral values, philosophical principles and theories as formal grounding for ethical decision making and action in health care. A broad historical, cultural and societal perspective is emphasized to provide the background for understanding the everyday ethical problems that health professionals encounter in their practices. A psychological and social framework of analysis is used to foster sensitivity, skills of analysis and ethical behavior in situations of moral conflict.

2018 Summer Session11447081First Half Session-- -
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NRSG 225. Fndtns Plng Prvdng Clin Nrs Cr. 4 Credits. (2 Lec, 2 Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITES: BIOH 201, BIOH 211, FCS 101IS, and BIOM 250. COREQUISITES: NRSG 238 or consent of instructor. Application of nursing principles, concepts and related skills for care of the individual needing assistance. The clinical decision-making process is utilized in the provision of nursing care in clinical settings.

2018 Summer Session11452081Second Half Session-- -
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2018 Summer Session10825080Second Half Session-- -

NRSG 238. Hlth Assmnt Across Lifespan. 4 Credits. (2 Lec, 2 Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITES: BIOH 201 and BIOH 211. COREQUISITE: NRSG 225 or consent of instructor. This course is designed to teach the student a health oriented approach to nursing assessment of clients across the life span in a variety of community based settings. The primary focus of the course is on normal health assessment findings, with recognition of abnormal variations. This course emphasizes development of the skills needed to perform a comprehensive health assessment of children, adults, and the elderly. Data collection through comprehensive history taking and physical assessment is emphasized. Utilizations of assessment findings in clinical decision making is discussed throughout the course.

2018 Summer Session11459081First Half Session-- -
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NRSG 258. Principles of Pathophysiology. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S,Su

3 cr. LEC 3 PREREQUISITES: BIOH 201, BIOH 211, CHMY 121IN, and CHMY 123. This course provides an introduction to the abnormal functioning of human cells, tissues, and organ systems, and the physiological adaptations that occur. Commonly encountered age-related variations are addressed. The influences of environment, genetics, nutrition, and culture are emphasized. Current research that explains the changes that accompany a particular syndrome or disease is considered.

2018 Summer Session11463081Full Semester-- -
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2018 Summer Session10919040Full Semester-- -
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NRSG 291. Special Topics. 1-4 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 12 cr max) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: As determined for each offering. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one-time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

2018 Summer Session11689001May StartMTWRRLIB9:00am - 12:00pm

NRSG 336. Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics. 3 Credits. (2 Lec, 1 Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITES: CHMY 121, CHMY 123, NUTR 221, NRSG 258, and NRSG 238. The focus of this course is to examine pharmocotherapeutics in nursing practice. Clinical application of pharmacological and pathophysiological principles are integrated. Physical, psychological, social and cultural factors; age related variations; and alternative therapies are highlighted.

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2018 Summer Session10837078Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10838079Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10839080Full Semester-- -

NRSG 341. Psychosocial Nursing Concepts. 3 Credits. (2 Lec, 1 Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITES: PSYX 100, SOCI 101, NRSG 115, NRSG 220, NRSG 225, NRSG 258 and NRSG 238. This course explores selected psychosocial concepts and theories basic to nursing practice with clients in a variety of settings. Topics include family theory, palliative care, crisis theory, anxiety, loss, grief & other human responses; and related psychosocial nursing strategies.

2018 Summer Session11469081Second Half Session-- -
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2018 Summer Session10845080First Half Session-- -

NRSG 469. Cultural Applications Apps in Nursing: The (Specific Culture) Experience. 2 Credits. (1-6 Lec/Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: Enrolled in the undergraduate nursing program. This course is designed as an intense, but time limited, immersion into another culture and is focused on health beliefs, healthcare, and nursing applications. The experience will be preceded by analysis of cultural and healthcare principles applicable to nursing, and concluded by analysis of, or participation in, healthcare delivery in another culture.

2018 Summer Session10987001Non-standard term dates 14-MAY-18 03-AUG-18-- -

NRSG 477. Pop Based Nursing Care in Comm. 6 Credits. (3 Lec, 3 Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITES: NRSG 437 and NRSG 454. The focus of this course is the health and well-being of the community. Global and national health problems are examined from a public health perspective. Community assessment and epidemiologic methods are used to identify populations at risk and potential areas for intervention.

2018 Summer Session11506010Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session11507011Full Semester-- -
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2018 Summer Session10920078Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10921079Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10922080Full Semester-- -

NRSG 479. Population Health & Leadership. 6 Credits. (4 Lec, 2 Lab) S

The purpose of this course is to apply a population-based, epidemiological approach to discover risk factors and evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention practices. Interdisciplinary leadership and management concepts will be incorporated to guide improved outcomes for populations. College of Nursing.

2018 Summer Session11187801Full Semester-- -

NRSG 487. Nursing Ldrshp/Mgmnt Dvlpmnt. 6 Credits. (3 Lec, 2 Lab) F,S

PREREQUISITES: NRSG 437, NRSG 444 and NRSG 454. Senior capstone course. The focus of this course is to provide an integration of theory and skill development in leadership, management and organizational concepts for the design, coordination, and management of health care using the community based philosophy.

2018 Summer Session10849075Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10850076Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10851077Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10923078Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10924079Full Semester-- -
2018 Summer Session10925080Full Semester-- -

NRSG 504. Assmnt and Eval of Education. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su, alternate years

to be offered Su odd years. PREREQUISITE: Graduate Standing. Students engage in discussions around design, assessment, and evaluation of instruction by nurses. Topics include writing instructional objectives and constructing activities to assess student learning outcomes. Students complete a project to gain skills in evaluating learning related to a specific unit of study.

2018 Summer Session11473001First Half Session-- -

NRSG 594. Seminar. 1 Credit. (1 Sem; 4 cr max)

PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing or seniors by petition. Course prerequisites as determined for each offering. Topics offered at the graduate level which are not covered in regular courses. Students participate in preparing and presenting discussion material.

2018 Summer Session10625001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 609. Adv Practice Nrsg Ldrshp. 2 Credits. (2 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITE: NRSG 602, NRSG 603. Prepares doctor of nursing practice students for direct and indirect advanced practice nursing roles and core competencies in organizational and systems leadership. Emphasis on leadership, communication, collaboration, negotiation, team functioning, conflict resolution and scholarship.

2018 Summer Session10982001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 620. Adv Pharm II. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITE: NRSG 602, NRSG 603. Focuses on pharmacologic effects and clinical use of selected drug classifications for the treatment and management of acute and chronic illnesses. Ethical and legal responsibilities, pharmacologic mechanisms, contraindications, complimentary alternative medicine and patient education will be addressed.

2018 Summer Session10983001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 621. Advanced Clinical I-FI. 6 Credits. (3 Lec, 3 Lab) Su

PREREQUISTIE: NRSG 601, 602, 603, 604, 605 and 607. Focus on comprehensive assessment, intervention and preventive care for childbearing and childrearing families in primary health care. Includes content on physiological, pathophysiological, psychological, developmental, sociocultural and spiritual primary health care needs of childbearing and childrearing families.

2018 Summer Session10984001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 623. Advanced Clinical II: Psychotherapeutic Modalities. 6 Credits. (3 Lec, 3 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITES: NRSG 622. Focus on assessment, treatment and preventative care for aging families in primary health care settings. Physiological, pathophysiological, psychological, developmental, sociocultural and spiritual responses to acute and chronic conditions will be explored emphasizing the importance of advocacy.

2018 Summer Session10933001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 630. Adv Psychopharm II. 3 Credits. (2 Lec) Su

PREREQUISITE: NRSG 602, NRSG 603. Advanced concepts in the clinical management of psychiatric symptoms. Analyze psychotropic interventions, mechanisms of action and indications of use, dosing, side effects, drug-drug interactions, contraindications, and patient education. Psychotropic agents and complimentary alternative medicine.

2018 Summer Session10985001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 631. Advanced Clinical I – Psych/Mental Health. 6 Credits. (3 Lec, 3 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITE: NRSG 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 607. The role and scope of advanced psychiatric nursing practice and foundational legal and ethical issues are explored. The neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of psychiatric disorders are reviewed. Conduct comprehensive and systematic psychiatric assessments in complex situations.

2018 Summer Session10986001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 633. Advanced Clinical III, Psych/Mental Health. 6 Credits. (3 Lec, 3 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITES: NRSG 632 In this course, students will explore the conceptual and theoretical foundations for providing psychotherapy with families and couples. Continuation of psychopharmacology concepts presented in Advanced Clinical I and II will be provided with an emphasis on expanded pharmacology concepts.

2018 Summer Session10947001Full Semester-- -

NRSG 675. Professional Paper and Project. 1-6 Credits. (1-6 Ind; 6 cr max) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: NRSG 602, NRSG 603, NRSG 604, NRSG 674. Professional paper or project dealing with a topic in the field. The topic must have been mutually agreed upon by the student and his or her major advisor and graduate committee.

2018 Summer Session11531004Full Semester-- -
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