NUTR - Nutrition

NUTR 221CS. Basic Human Nutrition. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S,Su

Basic concepts of human nutrition which include carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, absorption, digestion, metabolism, and energy utilization as they relate to health and food consumption at different stages of the life cycle.

2017 Summer Session10676802Full Semester-- -
2017 Summer Session10677803Full Semester-- -

NUTR 351. Nutrition and Society. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: NUTR 221CS. Social and cultural, economic, policy, and environmental factors in the community influencing nutritional status, and public health, techniques to assess community nutritional needs, and methodology for designing, implementing, and evaluating community nutrition programs, practices, and policies. Major service-learning project completed for a public or private agency.

2017 Summer Session11132801Full Semester-- -

NUTR 491. Special Topics. 1-4 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 12 cr max) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: Course prerequisites as determined for each offering and consent of instructor. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one-time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

2017 Summer Session11235801Full Semester-- -

NUTR 524. Adolescent Nutrition. 2 Credits. (2 Lec) S

This is an online course designed to provide teachers strategies for incorporating nutrition education into their curriculum. Course participants explore nutrition science relevant to adolescent health, gain exposure to quality education resources and investigate school wellness issues and strategies.

2017 Summer Session10556801Intersession-- -