PSPP - Plant Sciences/Plant Pathology

PSPP 548. Flower Plnts of North Rock Mtn. 2 Credits. (2 Lec) Su odd years

A field oriented study of the flowering plants of Montana with an emphasis on plant keying skills. Objectives are: 1) to identify the parts of flowering plants and become familiar with botanical terms; 2) to learn morphological characteristics of common plant families; 3) to learn how to use a plant key to successfully identify flowering plants; application of these skills and botanical texts to the classroom. Mon - Tues are class/lecture days; Wed - Fri are day field trips to local trail heads.

2018 Summer Session11221001Non-standard term dates 18-JUN-18 22-JUN-18-- -

PSPP 549. Plants, People, Health for Teachers. 2 Credits. (1 Lec. 1 Lab) Su

PREREQUISITES: Teacher of science with two year minimum teaching experience. This interdisciplinary course investigates how plants and people intersect, with a focus on the current popular and scientific interest in using plants and their compounds for health and medicine. The subject will be applied to ethnobotany, botany, and phytochemistry. The last day will be spent with hands-on experience making some herbal products to enhance the learning opportunity.

2018 Summer Session11643001Non-standard term dates 25-JUN-18 29-JUN-18-- -

PSPP 591. Special Topics. 1-4 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 12 cr max) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: Upper division courses and others as determined for each offering. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand.

2018 Summer Session11222001Non-standard term dates 14-MAY-18 03-AUG-18-- -