WRIT - Writing

WRIT 101W. College Writing I. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S,Su

Studies the nature and practice of reading and writing as human interaction, with particular attention to elements of writing process and craft, to present new conceptions of writing as students enter the university writing environment.

2018 Summer Session11552898May Start-- -
2018 Summer Session10906002July-start: 4x4MTWRWIL111711:00am - 1:35pm
2018 Summer Session10297001June-start: 4x4MTWRWIL11538:00am - 10:35am
2018 Summer Session10303801First Half Session-- -
2018 Summer Session11174802Second Half Session-- -
2018 Summer Session11387098Second Half Session-- -

WRIT 201. College Writing II. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

PREREQUISITE: WRIT 101W. Studies writing as a practice, process, and tool of inquiry in various academic domains. Bridges general study of writing in WRIT 101 and later discipline-specific study of writing. Emphasizes how to conduct inquiry through writing, and how to learn to write in new situations.

2018 Summer Session10866001June-start: 4x4MTWRWIL112411:00am - 1:35pm
2018 Summer Session11394002July-start: 4x4MTWRWIL112411:00am - 1:35pm

WRIT 205. Intro to Writing Studies. 3 Credits. (3 Sem) F

PREREQUISITE: WRIT 101W or equivalent. Overviews the Writing Option and the field of Writing Studies, its areas and methods of inquiry, and questions and issues of interest to writers an writing researchers and theorists from historical, cultural, social and psychological perspectives.

2018 Summer Session11614001May StartMTWRWIL112411:00am - 1:35pm

WRIT 221. Intermediate Tech Writing. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

PREREQUISITE: WRIT 101W. Focuses on kinds of writing done in technical or business environments: business letters, proposals, formal reports, technical presentations, user manuals, etc. Prepares students for technical writing in a range of disciplines and with attention to the social implications of technology.

2018 Summer Session11615801First Half Session-- -
2018 Summer Session11616001June-start: 4x4-- -

WRIT 291. Special Topics. 1-4 Credits. (1-4 Lec; 12 cr max) On Demand

Maximum 12 cr. PREREQUISITE: None required but some may be determined necessary by the department. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one-time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

2018 Summer Session11718001May StartMTWRJABS30711:00am - 1:35pm

WRIT 326. Advanced Writing. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

PREREQUISITE: WRIT 101 or equivalent. Advanced writing study and practice, with attention to topics like research writing and style.

2018 Summer Session11173801First Half Session-- -

WRIT 374. Magazine Editing. 3 Credits. (2 Lab,1 Rct) Su

PREREQUISITE: One WRIT course 300-level or above Magazine Editing and Production creates a studio-driven experience for students to walk through editorial considerations, design, and production of themed periodical publications such as magazines, journals, and websites.

2018 Summer Session11172801Full Semester-- -