National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN)

About NTEN

The National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) is one of the country’s most-established online professional development programs for teachers. Courses are designed to help elementary, secondary and community college teachers develop a deeper understanding of science concepts while interacting with and learning new techniques from other teachers and researchers around the globe.

NTEN faculty are university scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and science educators, all experienced in online teaching. Through NTEN, educators can also access professional resources and discuss issues with other educators online. NTEN was created by Montana State University and originally funded by the National Science Foundation. NTEN is part of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Institute.

How is NTEN different from other online science programs?

  • NTEN strives to teach science concepts, not just educational methods
  • NTEN faculty practice a hands-on, inquiry-based style that mirrors the classroom and sparks new ideas
  • NTEN facilitates connections among participants, so that teachers learn best practices from colleagues around the world
  • NTEN credits come from Montana State University, a top-tier public research institution

For general information and registration:
(406) 994-6812
(800) 282-6062

Registration for Summer will open in March!

Summer 2017 Courses

Enroll through Extended University at

BIOL 591Special Topics (Plant Science: It Grows on You- 6/12-7/28/17)1
EDCI 591Special Topics (Weather and Climate for Teachers-5/15-8/4/17)3
EDCI 591Special Topics (Fundamentals of Oceonography-5/15-7/21/17)3
ERTH 591Special Topics (K-14 Earth System Science-6/12-8/4/17)2
ERTH 591Special Topics (Environmental Science Education: Summer Biological Field Studies-6/12-7/28/17)3
ERTH 591Special Topics (History of Spaceflight and Space Technology-6/12-8/4/17)3
LRES 591Special Topics (Streamside Science: Hands-on Approaches to Water Quality Education-6/12-8/4/17)3
M 518Statistics For Teaching (6/12-7/28/17)3
MB 540Environmental Microbiology (6/12-8/4/17)3
PHSX 491Special Topics (Conceptual Physics-6/12-8/4/17)3
PHSX 511Astronomy for Teachers (5/30-8/7/17)3
PHSX 513Quantum Mechanics Online (5/15-7/28/17)3
PHSX 591Special Topics (Electric Circuits and Magnetism-6/12-7/28/17)2
PHSX 591Special Topics (Physics of Renewable Energy for Teachers-5/15-7/28/17)3
PHSX 591Special Topics (The World of Motion-5/15-6/23/17)1
PHSX 591Special Topics (World of Force-6/26-8/4/17)1