Preliminary Course Listing

Summer Session 2017 Preliminary Course Listing (as of February, 2017)

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The following preliminary course listing was compiled in February, 2017  Since that time, some courses may have been added and other courses cancelled.  Please refer to the Summer Session Class Schedule online at (under “Academic Info”) for the most current information as well as class dates, times, locations, and instructors. 
Enrollment in the courses listed below requires that students be admitted to MSU.  Registration will take place through the MSU Registrar’s Office.

Individual problems, internships, undergraduate research, etc., are not included in this preliminary listing.  Please contact individual departments for more information about these opportunities.

ACTG 201Principles of Financial Acct 13
ACTG 202Principles of Managerial Accounting 23
ACTG 223Principles of Accounting II 23
ACTG 524International Accounting 43
Activities - General
ACT 110Beginning Weight Training 21
ACT 129Circuit Training 11
ACT 150Beginning Yoga 21
ACT 169Beginning Tennis 11
Agricultural Education
AGED 494Seminar 43
Allied Health: Medical Assist
AHMA 201MA Clinical Procedures I (Gallatin College Only) 14
AHMA 280Med Assisting Exam Prep (Gallatin College Only) 31
Allied Health: Medical Support
AHMS 144Medical Terminology (Gallatin College Only-Blended Online/Onsite) 43
American Studies
AMST 101DIntroduction to American Studies 2*3
AMST 202RAThe Arts in America 1*3
Animal and Range Sciences
ANSC 322Principles of Animal Breeding and Genetics 3*3
ARNR 529Yellowstone Wildlife Habitat Ecology (Contact department for required dates) 42
ANTY 101DAnthropology and the Human Experience 2*3
ANTY 242DContemporary Japan 1*3
ARCH 121IAIntroduction to Design 13
ARCH 151RADesign Fundamentals I 14
ARCH 152IADesign Fundamentals II 24
ARCH 253Architectural Design I 35
ARCH 254Architectural Design II 35
ARCH 355Architectural Design III 35
ARCH 356Arch Design IV 35
ARCH 414Architectural Study Abroad 39
ARCH 425West Architectural History 33
ARCH 426History of Identity of Contemporary Places 33
ARCH 428Foreign Study History 33
ARCH 431Sustainability in Architecture 3*3
ARCH 450Community Design Center 15
ARCH 527Architecture: Meaning & Place 13
Art - Art History
ARTH 310Ancient Art Mesoamerica 23
ARTH 435Art in the United States 13
Art - Visual Arts
ARTZ 105RAVisual Language - Drawing 13
ARTZ 109RAVisual Language: Comprehensive Foundation 14
ARTZ 110RAVisual Language: Ideation and Creativity 24
ARTZ 231RACeramics I 24
ARTZ 376Intermediate Printmaking - Relief 10-5
ARTZ 491Special Topics (Functional Design) 41-5
ARTZ 491Special Topics (Wild Clay Intensive) 23
BCH 380Biochemistry 15
BIOL 591Special Topics (Plant Sci: It grows on You) 4*1
BIOL 591Special Topics (Anatomy & Physiology) 4*3
Biology - Ecological
BIOE 416Alpine Ecology 23
BIOE 421Yellowstone Wildlife Ecology 13
Biology - General
BIOB 375General Genetics 13
BIOB 497Educational Methods: Biology (Cellular and Neurobiology) 12
BIOB 497Educational Methods: Biology (Ecology) 22
Biology - Human
BIOH 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I 45
BIOH 464Clinical Hematology and Body Fluids 32
BIOH 466Clin Microbiology I 33
BIOH 467Clinical Chemistry I 33
BIOH 468Clinical Immunohematology I 33
BIOH 469Essentials of Clinical Lab Practice 31
Business - Finance
BFIN 322Business Finance 1*3
Business - General
BGEN 242DIntro to Int'l Business 1*3
BGEN 361Principles of Business Law 13
Business - Management
BMGT 205Prof Business Communication 1*,2*3
BMGT 322Operations Management 13
BMGT 335Management and Organization 2*3
Business - Management Information Systems
BMIS 211Intro to Bus Decision Support 13
BMIS 311Management Information Systems 3*3
Business - Marketing
BMKT 325Principles of Marketing 1*3
CHMY 121INIntroduction to General Chemistry 14
CHMY 123Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry 24
CHMY 141College Chemistry I 14
CHMY 143College Chemistry II 24
CHMY 321Organic Chemistry I 14
CHMY 323Organic Chemistry II 24
COA 205Introduction to Coaching 4*3
COA 395Practicum:Coaching Application 4*1
COA 405Advanced Concepts in Coaching 4*3
College Studies
COLS 103College Learning Strategies (Gallatin College Only) 21
COMX 111USIntroduction to Public Speaking (Formerly COM 110US) 1,23
Community Health
CHTH 205Drugs and Society 1*3
CHTH 245Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health in Aging 1*3
CHTH 317Health Behavior Theories 2*3
CHTH 325Leadership & Public Policies in Aging 1*3
CHTH 405Caregiving & Aging Families 2*3
CHTH 435Human Response To Stress 1*,2*3
College of Letters and Science
CLS 201USKnowledge and Community 2*3
Computer Science
CS 145RAWeb Design 2,2*3
Computer Science - Programming
CSCI 111Programming with Java I 24
CSCI 112Programming with C I 13
CSCI 132Basic Data Structures and Algorithms 14
CSCI 215CSSocial & Ethical Issues in CS 13
CSCI 232Data Structures and Algorithms 24
CSCI 246Discrete Structures 13
CSCI 477Simulation 13
CSCI 491Special Topics (Python!-Study abroad in Vienna) 13
Creative Writing
CRWR 240RAIntroduction to Creative Writing (Blended-Online & Onsite) 13
Earth Systems 1
ERTH 101INEarth System Sciences 14
ECNS 202Principles of Macroeconomics 13
ECNS 204ISMicroeconomics 23
EDU 332Lit and Arts in Context 49
EDU 342Managing the Learning Envir (Blended-Online & Onsite) 43
EDU 370Integrating Tech into Educ 4*2
EDU 397Methods (K-8 Social Studies) 43
EDU 397Methods (K-8 Language Arts) 43
EDU 397Methods (K-8 Science; Blended-Online & Onsite) 43
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
EDCI 501Educational Statistics I 3*3
EDCI 506Applied Educational Research 4*3
EDCI 531Contemporary Issues in Education 4*3
EDCI 557Brain Science, Educational Research, and Teaching 4*3
EDCI 564The Comprehensive Portfolio 4*3
Education-Early Childhood
EDEC 491Special Topics (Home Visiting Family & Child) 13
EDEC 496Early Childhood Advanced Practicum 13-6
Educational Leadership
EDLD 507Foundations of Educational Leadership (Blended-Online & Onsite) 43
EDLD 515Planned Change (Blended-Online & Onsite) 43
EDLD 555School Finance (Blended-Online & Onsite) 43
EDLD 565K-12 Instructional Leadership (Blended-Online & Onsite) 13
EDLD 620The School Superintendent (Blended-Online & Onsite) 43
EDLD 645Personnel and Collective Bargaining in MT (Blended-Online & Onsite) 13
EDLD 650MT Finance & Facilities (Blended Online & Onsite ) 13
EDLD 655MT Legal & Policy Studies (Blended-Online & Onsite) 13
Education - Special
EDSP 306Exceptional Learners 13
Engineering - Electrical
EELE 203Circuits II for Engineering 14
EELE 261Intro To Logic Circuits 3*4
ECHM 321Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics Operations 23
Engineering - General
EGEN 201Engineering Mechanics--Statics 1,1*3
EGEN 202Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 1,1*3
EGEN 203Applied Mechanics 13
EGEN 205Mechanics of Materials 2,2*3
EGEN 208Applied Strength of Materials 23
EGEN 310RMultidisciplinary Engineering Design 13
EGEN 330Business Fundamentals for Technical Professionals 13
EGEN 335Fluid Mechanics 2*3
EGEN 350Applied Engineering Data Analysis 12
EIND 422Introduction to Simulation 13
Engineering - Mechanical
EMEC 403CAE IV--Design Integration 13
Family and Consumer Science
FCS 101IS 1*3
FCS 219 (Blended-Online & Onsite) 23
FCS 261 1*3
FCS 263 1*3
FCS 371 4*3
FCS 461 2*3
FCS 465R 1*3
Fish and Wildlife Science and Management
WILD 429Yellowstone Wildlife Habitat Ecology 42
FILM 101IHUnderstanding Film and Media 1,23
FILM 481Advanced Studies in Film (Quentin Tarantino-The Cinema of Cool) 23
GPHY 141DGeography of World Regions 13
GPHY 284Intro to GIS Science & Cartog 13
GEO 111INDinosaurs 13
GEO 429RField Geology 16
GRMN 101Elementary German I 13
GRMN 102DElementary German II 23
GRMN 440IHGerman Cultural Studies 1*3
Graphic Design
GDSN 360Yellowstone Digital (Field Trips Required-Actual Dates TBD) 43
GDSN 361Teton Digital (Field Trips Required-Actual Dates TBD) 43
GDSN 378Guerrilla Advertising 45
HTH 220Human Sexuality 1*3
HTH 455The Ethic of Care 43
History - American
HSTA 102IHAmerican History II 1*4
HSTA 322Am History: WWII to Present 1*3
History - World
HSTR 101IHWestern Civilization I 1*4
HSTR 436Armed Conflict Mod Latin Amer 1*3
Horticulture and Landscape Design
HORT 345Market Gardening 13
HORT 491Special Topics (Nat'l/Internat'l Study-Blended Online & Onsite) 13
Human Development - Counseling
HDCO 502Cnsl Ethic Prof Orient (Blended-Online & Onsite) 22
HDCO 506School Counsel Programs (Blended-Online & Onsite) 23
HDCO 508Counseling Theories I (Blended-Online & Onsite) 23
HDCO 524Consultation and Crisis: Theory and Practice (Blended-Online & Onsite) 13
HDCO 526Adventure Counseling (Blended-Online & Onsite) 23
HDCO 551Appraisal (Blended Online & Onsite) 23
HDCO 558Career Counseling (Blended-Online & Onsite) 22
Immunology Infectious Diseases
IMID 521Laboratory Rotation I 32
IMID 522Laboratory Rotation II 32
IMID 523Laboratory Rotation III 32
KIN 221Hlth Anatomy & Physiology 3*3
KIN 325RBiomechanics 14
KIN 491Special Topics (Adapt Anaerobic Exercise) 13
KIN 491Special Topics (App Sports Biomechanics) 13
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences
LRES 536Ecology of Invasive Plants II 4*1
LRES 562Land Rehab Field Problem 42
Liberal Studies
LS 101USWays of Knowing 1*,2*3
LS 301Integrative Seminar (The Science of Comedy) 1*3
LING 210IHIntro to Language/Linguistics 1*3
LIT 110IHIntro to Lit: Explorations in Literature 23
LIT 169IHLiterature as Popular Culture 2*3
LIT 202CSThe Environmental Imagination 1*3
LIT 285DMythologies 1*3
LIT 335Women and Literature 2*3
LIT 382Literature for Children and Adolescents 1*3
M 096Survey of Algebra 1,24
M 105QContemporary Mathematics (formerly M 145Q, Math for Liberal Arts) 1,2,2*3
M 121QCollege Algebra 1,1*,2,2*3
M 133QGeometry & Measure K-8 Teachers 13
M 151QPrecalculus 1,1*,24
M 161QSurvey of Calculus 1,1*,2,2*4
M 171QCalculus I 1,24
M 172QCalculus II 1,24
M 221Introduction to Linear Algebra 1,23
M 273QMultivariable Calculus 1,24
M 274Introduction to Differential Equation 1,24
M 419Ratio and Proportion in School Mathematics 43
M 518Statistics For Teaching 4*3
M 519Ratio and Proportion in School Mathematics 43
M 524Linear Algebra for Teaching 43
Media Arts
MART 145RAWeb Design 2,2*3
Microbiology and Immunology
MB 541Microbial Genetics 4*3
Modern Languages
ML 100IHIntro to World Cultures 1*3
ML 344Instructional Perspectives 1,21
Music -Education
MUSE 530Music, Society, Education 1*3
Music - General
MUSI 101IAEnjoyment of Music 1*,2*3
MUSI 106Music Theory II 13
MUSI 136Keyboard Skills II 11
MUSI 141Aural Perception II 11
MUSI 203IAAmerican Popular Music 1*,2*3
MUSI 307IAWorld Music 1*3
MUSI 348Ensemble 31
MUSI 495Applied Music IV 41-2
MUSI 504Studies in Hist and Analysis 13
MUST 544Comp App Mus Ed (Contact department for actual dates) 33
Native American Studies
NASX 105DIntroduction to Native American Studies 1*23
NASX 232DMT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues 2*3
NASX 491Special Topics (Activism & Indigeneity) 3*3
NASX 591Special Topics (Activism & Indigeneity) 3*3
NRSG 115Nursing as a Profession (Blended-Online & Onsite) 12
NRSG 220Foundatns Ethcl Nrsng Recitatn 1*,2*2
NRSG 225Fndtns Plng Prvdng Clin Nrs Cr 24
NRSG 238Hlth Assmnt Across Lifespan 14
NRSG 258Principles of Pathophysiology 3,3*3
NRSG 336Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics 33
NRSG 341Psychosocial Nursing Concepts 13
NRSG 469Cultural Applications Apps in Nursing: The (Specific Culture) Experience 10-2
NRSG 477Pop Based Nursing Care in Comm 1,36
NRSG 479Population Health & Leadership 3*6
NRSG 487Nursing Ldrshp/Mgmnt Dvlpmnt 36
NRSG 503Curriculum Development 1*3
NRSG 609Adv Practice Nrsg Ldrshp (Blended-Online & Onsite) 32
NRSG 620Adv Pharm II (Blended-Online & Onsite) 33
NRSG 621Advanced Clinical I-FI (Blended-Online & Onsite) 36
NRSG 623Advanced Clinical III Primary Care for Aging Families (Blended-Online & Onsite) 36
NRSG 630Adv Psychopharm II (Blended-Online & Onsite) 33
NRSG 631Advanced Clinical I – Psych/Mental Health (Blended-Online & Onsite) 36
NRSG 633Advanced Clinical III, Psych/Mental Health (Blended-Online & Onsite) 36
NUTR 221CSBasic Human Nutrition 3*3
NUTR 351Nutrition and Society 3*3
NUTR 491Special Topics (Mindful Eating) 3*3
PHL 101IHIntro Phil:Reason and Reality 1*3
PHL 103DPhilosophy and Popular Culture 1*3
PHL 110IHIntro Ethics:Good and Evil 1*,2*3
PHL 322Philosophy & Envirnmntl Ethics 1*3
PHL 327Aesthetics and the Arts 2*3
PHOT 113RAUnderstanding Photography 13
PHOT 154IAExploring Digital Photography 1*3
PHOT 494Seminar/Workshop (Small Town Documentary) 13
PHSX 205College Physics I 14
PHSX 207College Physics II 24
PHSX 220Physics I (w/ calculus) 14
PHSX 222Physics II (w/ calculus) 24
PHSX 224Physics III 14
PHSX 401Physics by Inquiry I 43
PHSX 403Physics by Inquiry III 43
Physics - Astronomy
ASTR 110INIntroduction to Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sky 23
Political Science
PSCI 210ISIntroduction to American Government 1*3
PSCI 439International Human Rights 2*3
PSCI 454Cinema and Political Theory 13
PSCI 530Tools of Public Administration 1*3
PSYX 100ISIntro to Psychology 14
PSYX 223Research Design and Analysis I 14
PSYX 225Research Design and Analysis II 13
PSYX 235DContemp Issues in Human Sexual 33
PSYX 263CSThe Psychology of Film 13
PSYX 333Psychology of Aging 13
PSYX 375Behavior Modification 1*,2*3
PSYX 380Memory & Cognition 1*3
PSYX 462Psychology of Prejudice 1*3
PSYX 494Seminar (Drugs & Behavior) 1*3
Religious Studies
RLST 100DIntro to the Study of Religion 2*3
RLST 203DBuddhist Traditions 1*3
SOCI 101ISIntroduction to Sociology 1*,2*3
SOCI 150DSocial Difference 1*3
SOCI 221ISCriminal Justice System 1*3
SOCI 318RSociological Research Methods 1*3
SOCI 325Social Stratification 1*3
SOCI 326Sociology of Gender 1*3
SPNS 101Elementary Spanish I 13
SPNS 102DElementary Spanish II 23
SPNS 335IHTravel in Latin Am Lit & Film 13
STAT 216QIntroduction to Statistics 1,1*,2,2*3
STAT 217QIntermediate Statistical Concepts 1,2,2*3
STAT 332Statistics for Scientists and Engineers 23
SRVY 230Intro to Surveying for Engineers 13
Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems
SFBS 296Practicum: Towne's Harvest 33
SFBS 445RCulinary Marketing: Farm/Table (Co-Convened with SFBS 541) 23
SFBS 541Culinary Marketing: Farm to Table (Co-Convened with SFBS 445R) 23
Technology Education
TE 250CSTechnology and Society 3*3
University Studies
COMX 111USIntroduction to Public Speaking 1,23
Welding Technology
WLDG 281Weld Testing Certification Lab (Gallatin College Only) 22
Women's and Gender Studies
WGSS 201IHIntro to Feminist Theories 1*3
WRIT 100Composing Mindfully (Blended-Online & Onsite) 33
WRIT 101WCollege Writing I 1,1*,2,2*3
WRIT 201College Writing II 1,23
WRIT 326Advanced Writing 1*3
WRIT 374Magazine Editing 3*3

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Offered Full 12-Week Session


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