Summer Core Courses

The mission of MSU’s core curriculum is to enhance students’ use of multiple perspectives in making informed critical and ethical judgments in their personal, public and professional lives through inquiry and research experiences.  Details regarding the core curriculum may be found at

For incoming freshmen and current high school students accepted into the Early Admission Program, Summer Session core courses offer a jump start on a college career as well as an introduction to the level of work that is expected as a student at MSU.  The courses also serve as a catch-up opportunity for continuing students who need to progress toward or complete their core requirements.

Core courses are designated by a letter following the course number, e.g., WRIT 101W.  The following letters are used to specify the core groups:

USUniversity Seminar
WCollege Writing
QQuantitative Reasoning
CSContemporary Issues in Science
IAArts Inquiry or
RAArts Research
IHHumanities Inquiry or
RHHumanities Research
INNatural Science Inquiry or
RNNatural Science Research
ISSocial Science Inquiry or
RSSocial Science Research
RAdditional Research and Creative Experience Courses

The following courses offered for Summer Session 2017 are listed by core groups.  For information regarding dates, times and location of offerings, refer to the Summer Class Schedule online.  For course descriptions, go to

Please note: New courses may have been added to this listing since the time of publishing.  For updates, go to

US - University Seminar
CLS 201USKnowledge and Community 2*3
COMX 111USIntroduction to Public Speaking 1,23
W - College Writing
WRIT 101WCollege Writing I 1,1*,2,2*3
Q - Quantitative Reasoning
M 105QContemporary Mathematics (formerly M 145Q, Math for Liberal Arts) 1,2,2*3
M 121QCollege Algebra 1*,2*3
M 151QPrecalculus 1,1*,24
M 161QSurvey of Calculus 1,1*,2,2*4
M 171QCalculus I 1,24
M 172QCalculus II 1,24
M 273QMultivariable Calculus 1,24
STAT 216QIntroduction to Statistics (on campus or online) 1,1*,2,2*3
STAT 217QIntermediate Statistical Concepts 1,2*3
D - Diversity
AMST 101DIntroduction to American Studies 2*3
ANTY 101DAnthropology and the Human Experience 2*3
ANTY 242DContemporary Japan 1*3
BGEN 242DIntro to Int'l Business 1*3
GPHY 141DGeography of World Regions 1*3
GRMN 102DElementary German II 23
LIT 285DMythologies 1*3
NASX 105DIntroduction to Native American Studies 1*,23
NASX 232DMT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues 2*3
PHL 103DPhilosophy and Popular Culture 1*3
PSYX 235DContemp Issues in Human Sexual 33
RLST 100DIntro to the Study of Religion 2*3
RLST 203DBuddhist Traditions 1*3
SOCI 150DSocial Difference 1*3
SOCI 318RSociological Research Methods 1*3
SPNS 102DElementary Spanish II 23
CS - Contemporary Issues in Sciences
CSCI 215CSSocial & Ethical Issues in CS 13
HSTR 205CSThe World Environment 1*3
LIT 202CSThe Environmental Imagination 1*3
NUTR 221CSBasic Human Nutrition 3*3
PSYX 263CSThe Psychology of Film 13
TE 250CSTechnology and Society 4*3
IA - Arts Inquiry or RA - Arts Research
AMST 202RAThe Arts in America 1*3
ARCH 121IAIntroduction to Design 13
ARCH 151RADesign Fundamentals I 14
ARCH 152IADesign Fundamentals II 24
ARTH 201IAArt of World Civilization II 24
ARTZ 105RAVisual Language - Drawing 13
ARTZ 109RAVisual Language: Comprehensive Foundation 24
ARTZ 110RAVisual Language: Ideation and Creativity 24
ARTZ 231RACeramics I 24
CRWR 240RAIntroduction to Creative Writing (Blended-Online & Onsite) 13
CS 145RAWeb Design 2,2*3
MART 145RAWeb Design (on campus or online) 2, 2*3
MUSI 101IAEnjoyment of Music 1*,2*3
MUSI 203IAAmerican Popular Music 1*,2*3
MUSI 307IAWorld Music 1*3
PHOT 154IAExploring Digital Photography 1*3
IH - Humanities Inquiry or RH - Humaniities Research
FILM 101IHUnderstanding Film and Media 13
GRMN 440IHGerman Cultural Studies 13
HSTA 102IHAmerican History II 1*4
HSTR 101IHWestern Civilization I 1*4
LING 210IHIntro to Language/Linguistics 1*3
LIT 110IHIntro to Lit: Explorations in Literature 23
LIT 169IHLiterature as Popular Culture 2*3
ML 100IHIntro to World Cultures 1*3
PHL 101IHIntro Phil:Reason and Reality 1*3
PHL 110IHIntro Ethics:Good and Evil 1*,2*3
SPNS 335IHTravel in Latin Am Lit & Film 13
WGSS 201IHIntro to Feminist Theories 1*3
IN - Natural Science Inquiry or RN - Natural Science Research
ASTR 110INIntroduction to Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sky 23
CHMY 121INIntroduction to General Chemistry 14
ERTH 101INEarth System Sciences 14
GEO 111INDinosaurs 1*3
IS - Social Science Inquiry or RS - Social Science Research
ECNS 204ISMicroeconomics 23
FCS 101IS 1*3
PSCI 210ISIntroduction to American Government 1*3
PSYX 100ISIntro to Psychology 14
SOCI 101ISIntroduction to Sociology 1*,2*3
SOCI 221ISCriminal Justice System 1*3
R - Additional Research and Creative Experience Courses
AMST 401RSeminar in American Studies 1*4
EGEN 310RMultidisciplinary Engineering Design 13
FCS 465R 1*3
GEO 429RField Geology 16
KIN 325RBiomechanics4
SFBS 445RCulinary Marketing: Farm/Table 23
SOCI 318RSociological Research Methods 1*3

 First 6-Week Session


 Second 6-Week Session


 Full 12-Week Session


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Core Courses Offered Online This Summer

AMST 101DIntroduction to American Studies 23
AMST 202RAThe Arts in America 13
AMST 401RSeminar in American Studies 14
ANTY 101DAnthropology and the Human Experience 23
ANTY 242DContemporary Japan 13
BGEN 242DIntro to Int'l Business 13
CLS 201USKnowledge and Community 23
CS 145RAWeb Design3
FCS 101IS 13
FCS 465R 13
GRMN 440IHGerman Cultural Studies 13
HSTA 102IHAmerican History II 14
HSTR 101IHWestern Civilization I 14
HSTR 205CSThe World Environment 13
LING 210IHIntro to Language/Linguistics 13
LIT 169IHLiterature as Popular Culture 23
LIT 202CSThe Environmental Imagination 13
LIT 285DMythologies 13
LS 101USWays of Knowing (The Downside of Happiness) 23
LS 101USWays of Knowing (Thinking for a New Future) 13
M 105QContemporary Mathematics (formerly M 145Q, Math for Liberal Arts) 23
M 121QCollege Algebra 1, 23
M 151QPrecalculus 14
M 161QSurvey of Calculus 1, 24
MART 145RAWeb Design 23
ML 100IHIntro to World Cultures 13
MUSI 101IAEnjoyment of Music 1, 23
MUSI 203IAAmerican Popular Music 1, 23
MUSI 307IAWorld Music 13
NASX 105DIntroduction to Native American Studies 13
NASX 232DMT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues 23
NUTR 221CSBasic Human Nutrition 33
PHL 101IHIntro Phil:Reason and Reality 13
PHL 103DPhilosophy and Popular Culture 13
PHL 110IHIntro Ethics:Good and Evil 1,23
PHOT 154IAExploring Digital Photography 13
PSCI 210ISIntroduction to American Government 13
RLST 100DIntro to the Study of Religion 23
RLST 203DBuddhist Traditions 13
SOCI 101ISIntroduction to Sociology 1, 23
SOCI 150DSocial Difference 13
SOCI 221ISCriminal Justice System 13
SOCI 318RSociological Research Methods 13
STAT 216QIntroduction to Statistics 1,23
STAT 217QIntermediate Statistical Concepts 23
TE 250CSTechnology and Society 33
WGSS 201IHIntro to Feminist Theories 13
WRIT 101WCollege Writing I 1, 23