Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems

The Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems (SFBS) B.S. degree program is an exciting, innovative interdisciplinary program from Montana State University that promotes the sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of food and bioenergy. You will experience collaborative learning, directed coursework, and hands-on training.

SFBS 296Practicum: Towne's Harvest (additional hours required outside of scheduled times) 33
SFBS 298 (Sustainable Foods & Bioenergy Systems Students Only) 12-12
SFBS 346Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems Summer Field Course 22
SFBS 445RCulinary Marketing: Farm/Table (additional lab times at Towne's Harvest Garden; co-convened with SFBS 541) 23
SFBS 498 31-12
SFBS 541Culinary Marketing: Farm to Table (co-convened with SFBS 445R) 23

 First 6-Week Session


 Second 6-Week Session


 Full 12-Week Session