Vehicle Registration

University Police Department

Roy Huffman Building
Corner of S. 7th & Kagy

All students, faculty, staff, and visitors must register all motor vehicles they park on campus and university-controlled streets. You should register your vehicle immediately upon your arrival on campus and obtain a copy of the vehicle regulations by going online at:  and following the prompts to buy a permit. You can also enter the site by logging in to your MyInfo account and selecting the Parking tab. Visitors may purchase day permits at the Visitor Information Booth at S. 7th & Grant St. or at the University Police Department.

Vehicle Registration Fees for Summer Session ONLY

(applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year)

R1 $414
R2-R4 $310
R5-R9, G $265
SB lots $105
E lots $105
F lot $25
FH $65
Motorcycles $45

Hang tags are available for $5.00 per day and may be used in any campus lot except gold signed reserved parking.

Please check the Parking Services website for parking pricing for Fall and Spring semesters and for more information on fines and violations.


Bicycle permits are free and registration is recommended for any bicycle on campus to aid in the return of stolen or lost bicycles.

Bicycle Restrictions:

  • Are not allowed in buildings
  • May not be chained to trees, railings, signs, etc.
  • May not be parked where they are a hazard to pedestrians

Bicycles in violation of these restrictions will be impounded and owners will be cited by the University Police.