Volume LXXI          March 2017          No. 1          USPS 360-420       

Welcome to Summer Session 2017 at Montana State University! The MSU Summer Session program is committed to providing a variety of classroom, outdoor, and online opportunities for students to advance or complete their educational goals.

Within the pages of this bulletin you’ll discover an exciting mix of courses designed to meet the needs of a diverse audience. For example:

  • If you work, or leave Bozeman for the summer, you can still begin or continue your MSU education by enrolling in one or more online courses.
  • Are you an incoming freshman? Jump-start your college career by fulfilling a core requirement or two.
  • If you’re looking for something different this summer, browse through the Uniquely Montana courses. You can earn college credit while studying subjects such as photography, wildlife, music, and more!
  • Are you a post-baccalaureate student planning to apply to medical or dental school? MSU’s Summer Session offers a series of science and mathematics courses designed to meet the special academic needs of pre-med students.
  • Summer master’s degree programs are designed to be completed in three to four summer sessions. These programs enable students to earn master of science degrees in mathematics education or in science education.

And when you’re not in class . . .

  • Be sure to explore the friendly city of Bozeman and surrounding area and partake in one or more special summer events.

We invite you to join us in Bozeman this summer for a season of learning, adventure, and discovery!

David Singel
Associate Provost  
Director, Summer Session

Please visit our Web site for the most current information: http://www.montana.edu/summer

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Photo, front cover: Spanish Peaks. Photograph by Diana Proemm.

Photo, back cover: Kelly Gorham

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