AGED - Agricultural Education

AGEDĀ 494. Seminar. 3 Credits. (3 Sem; 6 cr max) S

PREREQUISITE: Junior standing and as determined for each offering and consent of instructor. Focuses on planning and implementing agricultural activities for youth. The emphasis is on planning an event, developing awareness and utilization of resources (people and things), developing a log and records regarding the event, and evaluating the effectiveness of an implementation plan and the actual event.

2020 Summer Semester10355001Intersession-- -

AGEDĀ 588. Professional Development. 1 Credit. (2 Lec) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: Graduate Standing. This course may be used only by students who have completed all of their course work (and thesis if on a thesis plan) but who need additional faculty or staff time or help.

2020 Summer Semester11284751Non-standard term dates 18-MAY-20 07-AUG-20-- -
2020 Summer Semester11285752Non-standard term dates 18-MAY-20 07-AUG-20-- -
2020 Summer Semester10856750Non-standard term dates 18-MAY-20 07-AUG-20-- -