MUSE - Music-Education

MUSE 530. Music, Society, Education. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) Su alternate years, to be offered odd years.

PREREQUISITE: EDEL 410, EDSD 410 Philosophical, historical, psychological and social foundations of music education. Music in public education, music curricula, aesthetics, and music learning theory.

2020 Summer Semester10708801First Half Session-- -

MUSE 588. Professional Development. 1-3 Credits. (1-3 Lec; 3 cr max) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing, teaching experience and/or current employment in a school organization, consent of instructor and Dean of Graduate Studies. Courses offered on a one-time basis to fulfill professional development needs of in service educators. A specific focus is given to each course which is appropriately subtitled. May be repeated.

2020 Summer Semester11007750Non-standard term dates 18-MAY-20 07-AUG-20-- -
2020 Summer Semester11295755Non-standard term dates 18-MAY-20 07-AUG-20-- -

MUSE 594. Seminar. 1 Credit. (1 Sem; 4 cr max) On Demand

Max 4 cr. PREREQUISITE: Graduate standing or seniors by petition. Course prerequisites as determined for each offering. Topics offered at the graduate level which are not covered in regular courses. Students participate in preparing and presenting discussion material.

2020 Summer Semester10431001Second Half Session-- -