PSYX - Psychology

PSYX 100IS. Intro to Psychology. 4 Credits. (3 Lec, 1 Lab) F,S,Su

Introduction to methods and approaches to psychology including exploration of problems in physiological psychology, learning, memory and information processing, abnormal behavior, and social psychology, with selected individual study of other areas related to the student's interests.

2020 Summer Semester10271001June-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA1009:30am - 12:00pm
2020 Summer Semester10272002June-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA10012:30pm - 3:30pm

PSYX 222. Psychological Statistics. 1-4 Credits. (3 Lec, 1 Lab) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITES: PSYX 100IS and either M 105Q (formerly M 145Q), M 121Q, STAT 216Q, or Math Placement exam at level 4 or higher. For Psychology majors and minors only. Prerequisites are strictly enforced. Introduction to the design and analysis of psychological research. Topics include logic and philosophy of psychological research, conceptualizing research questions, hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis strategies used by researchers in psychology, and introduction to using statistical software for data analysis.

2020 Summer Semester11245801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -
2020 Summer Semester11246803First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 225. Research Design and Analysis. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 222: Psychological Statistics. For Psychology majors and minors only. Continuation of PSYX 222. Topics include experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental designs and methodological issues; assessing research questions; reliability and validity of psychological measures; ethics of psychological research; writing research reports; using statistical software for data analysis.

2020 Summer Semester10706801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 230. Developmental Psychology. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS preferred but not required. Human development across the lifespan using major theories of development including psychoanalytic, psychosocial, learning, and cognitive. Physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and personality development are explored from conception to death.

2020 Summer Semester11391001July-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA30811:00am - 1:35pm

PSYX 235D. Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS preferred but not required. Issues of diversity and difference in human sexuality will be examined. The development and expression of sexual behavior as a complex sociocultural, biological, psychological, and historic phenomenon will be discussed. Course will examine sexual behavior and identity in both the majority culture and other cultures in the U.S. and world.

2020 Summer Semester11034001May-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA30811:00am - 1:35pm

PSYX 263CS. The Psychology of Film. 3 Credits. (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: College Writing (W) and University Seminar (US) CORE. Uses psychological science to understand the persuasive power of media as portrayed in popular films. Evaluates the media's ability to both reflect and affect behavior. Focus is on contemporary themes such as aggression, drug use, sexuality, and prejudice.

2020 Summer Semester10424801First Half Session-- -

PSYX 333. Psychology of Aging. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) On Demand.

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. Surveys different domains in which human behavior is influenced by aging. Topics include the influence of age on cognitive processes (e.g., attention and memory), social processes (e.g., personality and wellbeing), and biological processes (e.g., brain-related changes).

2020 Summer Semester10901801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 335. Psychology of Gender. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. Traditional and feminist perspectives on psychological needs and concerns specific to women, including gender stereotyping and beliefs, cognitive differences between the sexes, psychological disorders common to women, women's sexuality; and cultural and biological roles and norms.

2020 Summer Semester11219801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 354. Sensation & Perception. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. PSYX 350 recommended but not required. Basic principles of sensory systems (with emphasis on the visual system), contemporary psychophysical procedures, and principles of perception.

2020 Summer Semester11035801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 360. Social Psychology. 3 Credits. (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. Experimental research and theoretical viewpoints in social psychology, including such topics as: interpersonal attraction, perception, aggression, attitudes and attitude change, altruism, group behavior, social influence, stereotypes and prejudice, and the self.

2020 Summer Semester11220001June-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA30811:00am - 1:35pm

PSYX 375. Behavior Modification. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. PSYX 270 or 370 preferred but not required. Human behavior change with emphasis on practical techniques for changing individual and group behavior in real-life situations.

2020 Summer Semester10517801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -
2020 Summer Semester10707802Second Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 380. Memory & Cognition. 3 Credits. (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. Theories and evidence concerning human information processing, focusing especially on attention and memory, problem solving, decision making, reasoning, and related topics. 202070.

2020 Summer Semester10817801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 461. Indust & Organiz Psych. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. Basic concepts and theoretical frameworks for the fundamental areas of industrial and organizational psychology. Topics include history of I/O psychology, personnel selection, psychological testing, personnel training, performance appraisal, managerial decision making, job satisfaction, work motivation, leadership, job stress, organizational conflict, job design, and organizational development.

2020 Summer Semester11221801May-start: 4x4-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 462. Psychology of Prejudice. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) S

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS or consent of instructor. Reviews theory and research on prejudice. Topics include stereotyping and discrimination, cognitive and affective dynamics of prejudice, causes of prejudice, eliminating prejudice, affirmative action and diversity programs, and psychological effects of prejudice.

2020 Summer Semester10420001July-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA1008:00am - 10:35am

PSYX 463. Social Cognition. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F,S

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. Addresses how fundamental cognitive processes (e.g., concept activation, attention, memory) influence social behavior and thought. Topics include impression formation, mental simulations of alternative realities, nonconscious mental processes, subliminal stimuli, mental representations, stereotypes, and heuristics and biases.

2020 Summer Semester11392001July-start: 4x4MTWRTRAPHA3082:00pm - 4:35pm

PSYX 481. Judgment & Decision Making. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) On Demand

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 100IS. PSYX 380 recommended but not required. Theories and evidence on the psychology of judgment and decision making, including rationality, normative rules for choice, irrationality of some human judgments, and group decision making. Applications of decision theory at the personal, organizational, and societal levels are reviewed.

2020 Summer Semester11036801First Half Session-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 495. Field Pract in Applied Psy. 3-12 Credits. (3 Ind; 12 cr max) F,S,Su

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 225 or Consent of Instructor. Field Practicum gives psychology majors direct experience in applied settings relevant to psychology. Students arrange an internship and submit progress reports summarizing their field experience while relating it to psychological principles and readings. Graded A – F.

2020 Summer Semester10314801Full Semester-ONLINEWEB -

PSYX 499R. Senior Thesis/Capstone. 3 Credits. (3 Sem) F,S

PREREQUISITE: PSYX 225, and either PSYX 490R or PSYX 495 (minimum 3 cr). Senior capstone course. Written and oral presentation of senior thesis work.

2020 Summer Semester10408001May-start: 4x4-- -