Landscape Architecture

Freshman YearCredits
ARCH 151RA - Design Fundamentals I4
HORT 120 - Introduction to Landscape Design Studio3
BIOB 170IN - Principles of Biological Diversity4
CHMY 121IN - Introduction to General Chemistry4
M 121Q - College Algebra3
BIOB 110CS - Introduction to Plant Biology3
HORT 105 - Miracle Growing3
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3
Remaining CORE not in our curriculum (Diversity, Social Science Inquiry, University Seminar)
Year Total: 27
Sophomore YearCredits
ENSC 245IN - Soils3
HORT 231 - Woody Ornamentals3
HORT 201 - Sustainable Landscape Studio I3
HORT 202 - Sustainable Landscape Studio II3
HORT 131 - Landscape Dsgn/Hist/Theory3
HORT 232 - Herbaceous Ornamentals3
HORT 225 - Landscape Graphics I3
HORT 226 - Landscape Graphics II3
DDSN 101 - CAD 1-A2
Remaining CORE not in our curriculum (Diversity, Social Science Inquiry, University Seminar)
Take one of the following (Communications):
MART 145RA - Web Design
or AGED 312R - Communicating Agriculture
or BMGT 205 - Prof Business Communication
or BMIS 211 - Spreadsheet and Database Skills
or SPNS 101 - Elementary Spanish I
or WRIT 201 - College Writing II
or WRIT 221 - Intermediate Tech Writing
Year Total: 26
Junior YearCredits
HORT 331 - Planting Design3
HORT 335 - Site Development4
HORT 336 - Landscape Construction4
Take one of the following (Business):
ACTG 201 - Principles of Financial Acct
or ACTG 202 - Principles of Managerial Accounting
or BMGT 335 - Management and Organization
or BMGT 448 - Entrepreneurship
or BMKT 325 - Principles of Marketing
or ECIV 308 - Construction Practice
Year Total: 11
Senior YearCredits
HORT 432 - Advanced Landscape Design4
HORT 437 - Portfolio Development
HORT 435 - Landscape Planning
or HORT 440 - Urban Planning and Design
Take one of the following:
HORT 245 - Plant Propagation
or HORT 310 - Turfgrass Management
or HORT 343 - Comm Plant Production
or HORT 345 - Market Gardening
Year Total: 11
Total Program Credits: 75
Take two of the following from a specialization track:
HORT 491Special Topics1-4
ARCH 152IADesign Fundamentals II4
ARCH 450Community Design Center5
ARTZ 105RAVisual Language - Drawing3
ARTZ 109RAVisual Language: Comprehensive Foundation4
ARTZ 110RAVisual Language: Ideation and Creativity4
ARTZ 211RADrawing I4
GDSN 223Design Principles4
GDSN 224Form and Content4
GDSN 374Digital Visualization5
ARCH 322IAWorld Architecture I3
ARCH 323IAWorld Architecture II3
ARTH 200IAArt of World Civilization I4
ARTH 201IAArt of World Civilization II4
ARTH 360History of Asian Art and Architecture3
ARTH 410Medieval Art3
ARTH 421Late Gothic Painting3
ARTH 422Early Renaissance to 15th Century Art3
ARTH 424High Renaissance and Mannerism3
ARTH 426Baroque Art in Italy and Southern Europe, 1600-17003
ARTH 427Baroque Art in Northern Europe3
ARTH 43019th Century Art3
ARTH 432Art in the Age of Revolution3
ARTH 435Art in the United States3
ARTH 4383
ARTH 4403
BIOE 370General Ecology (equiv to 270)3
BIOE 408Rocky Mountain Vegetation3
BIOE 416Alpine Ecology3
BIOE 421Yellowstone Wildlife Ecology3
BIOE 428Freshwater Ecology3
ENSC 272CSWater Resources3
ENSC 444Watershed Hydrology3
ENSC 448Stream Restoration Ecology3
NRSM 101Natural Resource Conservation3
NRSM 240Natural Resource Ecology3
NRSM 330Fire Ecology and Mgmt3
NRSM 350Vegetation of Western Wildlands3
NRSM 421Holistic Thought/Mgmt4
NRSM 453Habitat Inventory and Analysis3
WILD 438Wildlife Habitat Ecology3
GPHY 121DHuman Geography3
GPHY 321Urban Geography3
GPHY 325Cultural Geography3
GPHY 365Geographical Planning3
GPHY 445Adv. Regional Geography3
GPHY 284Intro to GIS Science & Cartog3
GPHY 357GPS Fund/App in Mapping3
GPHY 384Adv GIS and Spatial Analysis3
AGED 333Construction Technology3
ARCH 241Building Construction I3
ECIV 307Construction Estimating and Bidding3
SRVY 230Intro to Surveying for Engineers3
HORT 498Internship2-12