Art K-12 Minor

A student must receive a grade of C or better in all the courses required for this minor and have a GPA of 2.75 or higher.

ARTZ 109RAVisual Language: Comprehensive Foundation (formerly ARTZ 106RA)4
ARTZ 110RAVisual Language: Ideation and Creativity (formerly ARTZ 108RA)4
ARTZ 105RAVisual Language - Drawing3
ARTH 200IAArt of World Civilization I4
ARTH 201IAArt of World Civilization II4
Choose one of the following:4
Drawing I
Painting I
Ceramics I
Sculpture I
Metals I
Printmaking I
Choose one of the following:5
Intermediate Drawing
Intermediate Painting
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Sculpture
Intermediate Printmaking - Lithography
Intermediate Printmaking - Serigraphy
Intermediate Printmaking - Intaglio
Intermediate Printmaking - Relief
Alternative Print Media
EDU 397Methods (K-5 Art)3
EDU 497Methods (5-12 Art)3
Total Credits34