Child Development

Freshman YearCredits
EDEC 160 - Early Childhood Development3  
US 101US - First Year Seminar3  
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3  
University Core and Electives3  
ECE/CS Directed Electives3  
Choose one of the following:  3
NASX 105D - Introduction to Native American Studies
NASX 205D - Native Americans in Contemporary Society
NASX 232D - MT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues
SOCI 101IS - Introduction to Sociology  3
University Core Q/IN/IH/IA  3
ECE/CS Directed Electives  6
Year Total: 15 15
Sophomore YearCredits
EDEC 108 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education2  
EDEC 288 - Signing for Early Childhood Educators3  
HDFS 263 - Relationships and Fam Systems3  
NUTR 221CS - Basic Human Nutrition3  
University Core and Electives3  
EDEC 253 - Nutrition & Physical Activity in Early Childhood  3
EDEC 260 - Administration of Early Childhood Programs  3
HDFS 237 - Managing Work and Family  3
University Core Q/IN/IH/IA  3
ECE/CS Directed Electives  3
Year Total: 14 15
Junior YearCredits
EDEC 350 - Play and Learning in Early Childhood3  
EDSP 306 - Exceptional Learners3  
EDSP 307 - Exceptional Learners Lab1  
HDFS 371 - Research Methods in HHD3  
ECE/CS Directed Electives6  
EDEC 385 - Integrated Curriculum Early Childhood Education  3
EDEC 498 - EC Internship  1
HDFS 359 - Theories and Skills for the Human Services  3
HDFS 460 - Parenting  3
ECE/CS Directed Electives  6
Year Total: 16 16
Senior YearCredits
EDEC 430 - Social and Emotional Development in the Young Child3  
EDEC 496 - 4  
EDSP 458 - Assessment and Intervention4  
Choose one of the following3  
HDFS 455R - Program Planning and Administration in Family & Consumer Sciences
HDFS 465R - Family Law & Public Policy
HDFS 494 - Seminar/Workshop1  
EDEC 450 - Literacy in the EC Classroom  3
EDEC 498 - EC Internship  3
HDFS 459 - Reaching the Hurt Child  3
ECE/CS Directed Electives  5
Year Total: 15 14
Total Program Credits: 120

Directed Electives (21 credits)

Select directed elective courses from the list below.  Select courses that will best compliment your professional goals in early childhood development.  Courses may be counted only once on your program of study.  Check prerequisites to all courses.

ANTY 101DAnthropology and the Human Experience3
ANTY 225ISCulture, Language, and Society3
ANTY 473Language & Culture3
CHMY 102CSApplying Chemistry to Society3
CHTH 205Drugs and Society3
CHTH 210Foundations in Community Health3
CHTH 317Health Behavior Theories3
CHTH 435Human Response To Stress3
EDEC 491Special Topics3
EDEC 491-001
EDU 204IAArts & Lifelong Learning3
EDU 211DMulticultural Education3
EDU 222ISEduc Psych & Child Development3
EDU 331Lit and Literacy for Children3
EDU 370Integrating Tech into Educ2
HDFS 101ISIndiv and Fam Dev: Lifespan3
HDFS 237Managing Work and Family3
HDFS 260Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development3
HDFS 261Adult Development and Aging3
HDFS 271Statistical Measures of Well-Being3
HDFS 457Family Life Education3
HDFS 464Gndr, Rce, Clss, and Fam Diver3
HDFS 465RFamily Law & Public Policy3
HSTA 101IHAmerican History I4
HSTA 102IHAmerican History II4
HTH 220Human Sexuality3
HTH 455The Ethic of Care3
LING 210IHIntro to Language/Linguistics3
LING 238Structure and Function of Language3
LING 338Language and English Education3
LSCI 121Digital Information Literacy: Library Research Skills2
NASX 232DMT Indians: Cultures, Histories, Current Issues3
PSYX 100ISIntro to Psychology4
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology3
PSYX 235DContemporary Issues in Human Sexuality3
PSYX 333Psychology of Aging3
PSYX 335Psychology of Gender3
PSYX 340Abnormal Psychology3
PSYX 360Social Psychology3
PSYX 370Psychology of Learning3
PSYX 375Behavior Modification3
PSYX 383Health Psychology3
PSYX 477Science of Psych Well-Being3
SOCI 150DSocial Difference3
SOCI 201DSocial Problems3
SOCI 303Society and the Individual3
SOCI 307Soc of Childhood & Adolescence3
SOCI 332Sociology of the Family3
SOCI 333Sociology of Education3
SOCI 414Family Violence3
STAT 216QIntroduction to Statistics3
WRIT 201College Writing II3
WRIT 221Intermediate Tech Writing3