Health Information Coding

Certificate of Applied Science Degree

The Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) in Health Information Coding provides students the ability to code and work in a variety of health care settings: hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, long-term care, insurance companies, consulting firms and software vendors. Graduates are likely to work on the administrative team of a health facility. This program closely follows the standards set forth by the American Health Information Management Associations (AHIMA) certification program. Upon completion of the required 35 hours of coursework, students take the certifying examination offered through the AHIMA. This industry specific certification demonstrates to the employer that this student has a particular aptitude in coding.

AHMS 144 - Medical Terminology3    
AH 140 - Pharmacology2    
BIOH 112 - Human Form & Function I3    
AHMS 160 - Beginning Procedural Coding4    
AHMS 162 - Beginning Diagnostic Coding4    
BIOH 113 - Human Form and Function II*  3  
AHMS 156 - Medical Billing Fundamentals*  3  
AHMS 158 - Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Healthcare  2  
AHMS 250 - Advanced Medical Coding*  4  
AHMS 298 - Professional Practice Experience - Coding  1  
COMX 222 - Professional Communication    3
Total Program Credits: 32

 Indicates prerequisites needed

A grade of "C-" or above is required for all courses for graduation.