Astrobiology Minor (Non-Teaching)

The Astrobiology Minor is designed to educate students in this interdisciplinary field covering the varied scientific disciplines that contribute to our general understanding of life, the origin of life, the past history of life on Earth, possible futures for life on Earth, and the possible existence of life on other planetary environments.The principal goal of the minor is to develop students' literacy in astrobiology so they can critically evaluate claims related to this field that they encounter well after their college education has ended.

Required Courses
ASTR 110INIntroduction to Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sky3
or ASTR 371 Solar System Astronomy
or ASTR 373 Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
BIOB 170INPrinciples of Biological Diversity4
or BIOB 260 Cellular and Molecular Biology
or BIOB 160 Principles of Living Systems
ERTH 101INEarth System Sciences4
CHMY 141College Chemistry I3-4
or CHMY 121IN Introduction to General Chemistry
or CHMY 102CS Applying Chemistry to Society
GEO 211Earth History and Evolution3
PHL 278CSOrigins of Life3
CHMY 350Astrobiology3
Choose one upper division elective from the following rubrics:3-4
BIOL 3xx
CHMY 3xx
PHYS 3xx
Elective Courses
Choose 6 credits from the following:6
Solar System Astronomy
Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
Biochemistry of Macromolecules
Metabolic Regulation
General Genetics
General Ecology (equiv to 270)
General Microbiology
Sci and Tech in World History
Darwinian Revolution
Early Modern Science
Modern Science
Planetary Geoscience
Scnc/Psuedo Scnc & Subjectivty
Philosophy of Science
Total Credits32-34