Japan Studies Option

The Japan Studies major offers students a curriculum that investigates Japanese history, culture, and language in an interdisciplinary setting and that encourages students to study abroad in Japan at partner universities. Areas of coursework include Japanese spoken and written language, pre-modern and modern Japanese literature, conventional and animated film studies, early modern and modern Japanese history, Japanese anthropology, and the history of Japanese science, technology, and environment.

Students may choose an area of specialization during their coursework such as in literature or history, but all students will be required to take three years or 22 credits of Japanese language. Japanese language skills are at the heart of meaningful exchange and interaction with Japanese people. Through this demanding curriculum, students will acquire the highly specialized skills needed to succeed in Japan or in Japanese contexts, whether pursuing careers in business, academia, or science.The Japan Studies major also trains students in useful liberal arts methodologies, such as critical thinking, stylistically sound writing, and the clear, public articulation of complex ideas. During their senior year, students are required to complete a "capstone " research project which focuses on student designed and executed projects. The capstone project may be a significant research assignment in an upper-division Japan Studies course or it may be independent study with a Japan Studies faculty member.

Freshman YearCredits
CLS 101US - Knowledge and Community3
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3
Math Core3
HSTR 145D - Reinventing Japan4
JPNS 101 - Elementary Japanese I4
JPNS 102D - Elementary Japanese II4
University Core and Electives9
Year Total: 30
Sophomore YearCredits
JPNS 201D - Intermediate Japanese I4
JPNS 202D - Intermediate Japanese II4
ANTY 242D - Contemporary Japan3
Choose one of the following:3
ARTH 360 - History of Asian Art and Architecture
HSTR 140D - Modern Asia
HSTR 345 - Modern China
HSTR 346 - Modern India
HSTR 443 - Gender in Asia
HSTR 446 - Science and Medicine in China
PHL 270 - Philosophies of Asia
RLST 202D - Hindu Traditions
RLST 203D - Buddhist Traditions
University Core and Electives15-16
Year Total: 29-31
Junior YearCredits
JPNS 305 - Japanese Adv Conversations3
Choose four of the following:6
ANTY 337 - Sex, Gender, Sexuality Japan
ANTY 343 - Popular Culture - Japan
HSTR 340 - Age of the Shoguns
HSTR 342 - Japan's Long 19th Century
HSTR 444 - Gender in Japan
HSTR 445 - Environ, Health & Sci in Japan
JPNS 320 - Classical Japanese Literature
JPNS 321 - Modern Japanese Literature
JPNS 361IH - Japanese Text and Cinema
NASX 450 - History of American Indians
University Core and Electives18
Year Total: 27
Senior YearCredits
Choose one of the following:3
ANTY 490R - Undergraduate Research and Instruction
ANTY 492 - Independent Study
HSTR 492 - Independent Study (Choose two of the following:)
HSTR 490R - Undergraduate Research1-6
JPNS 450R - Sem: Japanese Lit and Culture
University Core and Electives15
Year Total: 19-24
Total Program Credits: 120

The Japan Studies Option requires 47 credits in Japan-related courses. Not all of the four upper-division Japan Studies electives can be from the same department. Students must have a total of at least 120 credits to graduate; of those, 42 credits must be in upper-division courses (300 level or higher). With the expressed consent of the program director, the following courses may be substituted by similar courses taken in Japan under student-exchange programs:

ARTH 360History of Asian Art and Architecture3
HSTR 140DModern Asia4
HSTR 345Modern China3
HSTR 346Modern India3
HSTR 443Gender in Asia3
JPNS 101Elementary Japanese I4
JPNS 102DElementary Japanese II4
PHL 270Philosophies of Asia3
RLST 202DHindu Traditions3
RLST 203DBuddhist Traditions3

Students must receive a grade of C- or better in all required courses.