Religious Studies

BA in Religious Studies

Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

Religious studies at MSU introduces students to a vibrantly interdisciplinary academic field that is global in scope and addresses some of the key challenges facing citizens of the twenty-first century. Religious Studies asks not only how religion in its many forms has addressed fundamental human questions about life and death, truth and belief, ethics and social justice, but it also considers the political, social, and cultural effects of religion in both the ancient and the modern world.

Religious Studies courses do not advocate for particular theological views. Instead, the courses examine religion academically, from historical , literary, philosophical, and social scientific perspectives. Students in Religious Studies gain a rich body of factual knowledge about the global history of religion, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary for interpreting that knowledge.

Religious Studies offers a major and a minor, and Religious Studies courses can be used as humanities electives in almost any curriculum.

The Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies currently offers no Graduate Studies in Religious Studies.