Religious Studies Minor (Non-Teaching)

The minimum number of credits required for a non-teaching minor is twenty-one, with nine of those being upper-division credits.

RLST 100DIntro to the Study of Religion3
or RLST 110D Religion, Conflict & Politics
RLST 202DHindu Traditions3
or RLST 203D Buddhist Traditions
Choose two of the following:6
Intro to the Hebrew Bible
Introduction to New Testament
Origins of God
Myth and Belief
Religion, Sci & Environment
Interpretations of Amrcn Relig
Sacrifice, Rite & Ritual
Choose three of the following:9
Religion and Gender
Religion and Literature
Topics in Religion
Religion of Ancient Egypt
Archaeology & Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Text and Image
Violence & Religion
What is Religion?
Undergraduate Research
Special Topics
Independent Study
Senior Capstone
Total Credits21