Telephone Numbers

Area Code 406.  If dialing from an on-campus phone, "994" should be excluded.

Department Address Phone
Academic Affairs212 Montana Hall 994-4371
Administration and Finance201 Montana Hall994-4361
Admissions201 Strand Union Building994-2452
Agricultural Experiment station 202 Linfield Hall994-3681
Agriculture, College of202 Linfield Hall994-3681
Alumni RelationsFoundation/Alumni Center, 11th Ave. and Lincoln St.994-2401
Arts and Architecture, College of 217 Cheever Hall994-4405
ASK US Information Center280A Strand Union Building994-4636
Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success177 Strand Union Building994-7627
ASMSU221 Strand Union Building994-2933
ASMSU Day Care Center1295 W. Garfield St.994-4370
Athletics145 Fieldhouse994-4221
Bookstore125 Strand Union Building994-2811
Business, College ofJabs Hall 302994-4423
Career, Internship & Student Employment Services177 Strand Union Building994-4353
University Communications437 Culbertson Hall994-4571
Conference Services211 Strand Union Building994-3081
Counseling and Psychological Services211 Swingle Health Center994-4531
Dean of Students174 Strand Union Building994-2826
Disability, Re-entry, and Veteran’s Services180 Strand Union Building994-2824
Education, Health and Human Development, College of250 Reid Hall994-4133
Engineering, College of212 Roberts Hall994-2272
Extended University128 EPS Building994-6550
Extension Service203 Culbertson Hall994-1750
Facilities ServicesPhysical Plant, S. 6th Ave. and Grant St.994-2001
Family Housing1502 W. Garfield St.994-3730
Financial Aid Services183 Strand Union Building994-2845
Foundation, MSUFoundation/Alumni Center, 11th Ave. and Lincoln St.994-2053
Fraternity/Sorority Life174 Strand Union Building994-2826
Gallatin College101 Hamilton Hall994-5536
Graduate School9 and 108 Montana Hall994-4145
Health Service121 Swingle Health Center994-2311
Honors College104 Quad F994-4110
Human Resources920 Technology Boulevard Suite A994-3651
University Information Technology 49 Renne Library994-3042
International Programs400 Culbertson Hall994-7150
KGLT Radio376 Strand Union Building994-3001
KUSM Television183 Visual Communications Building994-3437
Letters and Science, College of2-205 Wilson Hall994-4288
Library, Renne P.O. Box 173320, Centennial Mall994-3119
Museum of the Rockies600 W. Kagy Blvd.994-2251
Native American Studies2-179 Wilson Hall994-3881
Nursing, College of115 Sherrick Hall994-3783
Office of Activities and Engagement222 Strand Union Building994-6902
Office of Financial Education177 Strand Union Building994-4388
Office of Institutional Equity118 Hamilton Hall994-2042
Orientation Office103 Strand Union Building994-2827
Outdoor Recreation Center1401 W. Lincoln St994-3621
Parent/Family Association174 Strand Union Building994-7359
Police, CampusHuffman Building994-2121
Post Office, CampusCulbertson Hall994-2672
President’s Office211 Montana Hall994-2341
Provost212 Montana Hall994-4371
Recreational Sports and Fitness120 Hosaeus Fitness Center994-5000
Registrar101 Montana Hall994-6650
Research, Creativity and Technology Transfer207 Montana Hall994-2891
Residence Life and Food Services31 Hedges Complex994-2661
Strand Union Building Administration223 Strand Union Building994-3082
Summer Session318 Montana Hall994-7136
University Business Services102 Montana Hall994-1991
University PoliceHuffman Building, 7th Avenue and Kagy Blvd.994-2121
University Studies130 Gaines Hall994-3532
Vice President for Student Success174 Strand Union Building994-2828
Women’s Center372 Strand Union Building994-3836
WWAMI/Division of Health Services308 Leon Johnson Hall994-4411

MSU - Billings

Toll free800-565-6782
Admissions and Records657-2158
Business Services657-2301
Extended Campus896-5890
Financial Aid657-2188
Graduate Studies and Research657-2238

Great Falls College - MSU

Toll Free800-446-2698
Business and Finance771-4321
Community and Continuing Education771-4303
Distance Education Coordinator771-4444
Financial Aid771-4334

MSU - Northern (Havre)

Toll Free 800-662-6132
Business Services265-3733
Extended University265-3730
Financial Aid265-3787
Graduate Studies265-3738