Mental Health Support Graduate Certificate

Course Sequencing Framework  

Each course in the program is worth 3 credits. The program is a summer only program and will take two summers to complete the certificate. There is no order that courses need to be taken in to provide maximum flexibility for those who enroll in the program. We will offer enrollment in the certificate on a yearly basis in the spring for a summer start.


Course 1 Professional Issues of Mental Health  

Goal: is to set the landscape for the broad practice and scope of the mental health field in Montana and beyond.  

-Diversity and Inclusion  

-Ethics and scopes of practice  

-Iceberg metaphor for people  

-Developmental – through the life span  

-Referral process 


Course 2 - Introduction to Mental Health  

Goal: is to introduce resources, concepts and referral processes involved in the practice of community mental health.  

-Mental health first aid could be a part.  

-Crisis response  




Course 3 -  Communication and Helping Skills  

Goal: is to introduce how to have a conversation, how to recognize red flags, set boundaries, practice referrals and practice self-care.  

-Active listening skills 

-Boundaries; What are they? How to practice them  

-How to talk with someone – How do we help them do “therapeutic compartmentalization?” Using it with intention and awareness.  

-How to teach self-care and coping skills, how to practice it and how-to role model it.  


Course 4- Lens of Helping and being helped 

Goal: is to acknowledge potential adverse experiences as well as different lens that frame the human experience to avoid assumption making.  


-ACE – Adverse Childhood Experiences 

-Iceberg metaphor 

-Family systems 

-Resilience theory


  • Two courses per summer  

  • 8-week courses  

  • Can start at any summer.  

Dept. Structure  

-Fall under the Counseling Team with our other Addiction Certificate program.  


Admitting- Spring only for summer start (Feb. 1st)