The Arts


Opportunities exist for all interested students to participate in a variety of ensembles and classroom activities in the School of Music. Many music courses are specifically designed for non-majors and several satisfy University Core requirements.

School of Music concert ensembles are open to all university students, and some ensembles require students to audition. Three choral ensembles--The Montanans, Chorale, and University Chorus-- provide performance opportunities for vocalists. Instrumentalists may choose from five performing bands—Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Lab I, and Jazz Ensemble II; two orchestras--Chamber Orchestra and the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra; a percussion ensemble; and numerous faculty-coached chamber music groups. Many students also enroll in private or class instruction with faculty and instructors in piano, voice, guitar, and all band and orchestral instruments.

Howard Hall, home of the School of Music, is equipped with a number of private teaching studios, classroom facilities, and an electronic piano laboratory. In addition to a 265-seat recital hall, Howard Hall contains a large ensemble rehearsal room and several acoustically-efficient practice rooms.

On-campus performances occur frequently. Recitals by faculty and guest artists, and concerts by musical organizations are scheduled throughout the year. Informal musical entertainment, special musical events, appearances by musical organizations at athletic events, statewide tours, and performances for professional conferences are other features of the music program.

Students seeking additional information should contact the School of Music, Howard Hall, 406-994-3562 or visit

Theatre Arts

Each academic year, the School of Film & Photography faculty and student produce stage and media-based productions, and the School offers upper-division classes in theatre production and stagecraft.  Additionally, the MSU Black Box Theatre provides the home base for Montana Shakespeare in the Parks staff during the academic year and the acting troupe during the summer months.

Classroom opportunities in theatre arts are under the direction of an academically and professionally qualified faculty. Any enrolled student is eligible to participate in theatre arts productions regardless of major, providing the student has the interest, ability, and sufficient time. For students who are interested in pursuing theatre arts on an academic basis, a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Photography is offered. Information regarding the theatre arts production and academic programs can be obtained from the School of Film & Photography in the Visual Communication Building, 406-994-2484 or visit

Visual Arts

The School of Art is home to the Helen E. Copeland Gallery, the University’s professional fine arts gallery.  The Copeland Gallery offers a dynamic exhibition schedule that includes exhibitions of student and faculty work, original exhibitions curated by the School of Art, and national touring exhibitions.  All exhibits in the Copeland Gallery are free and open to the public.  All MSU students, regardless of major, are also welcome to submit work for exhibition in the annual undergraduate juried art show.

The School of Art is also home to the Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery, located in the Melvin Graduate Art Studios.  Committed to the encouragement of artistic experimentation in a diverse variety of mediums, the Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery is overseen by the School of Art’s MFA students.