Computer Resources

MSU places high priority on the use of information technology to enhance the educational experience, with a wide variety of technology resources available to students and faculty.

Student IT Services

Visit Student IT Services to learn about the software and services available to MSU students and how to access them.

University Information Technology (UIT) and Service Desk Support

University Information Technology (UIT) and the IT Community is dedicated to providing the MSU campus with the technology and services that support and promote student success.  UIT builds and maintains the technological infrastructure at MSU which includes the campus network, computing devices and virtual desktops in campus labs, MSU email and the campus telephone system, classroom technology, and the online learning platform, Brightspace. 

The UIT Service Desk, housed in the Renne Library Commons, provides IT support to campus by assisting with ID and password questions, account setup, IT security concerns, software installations, Wi-Fi and more. Contact the Service Desk at 994-1777, or visit them in the Library.

On-Campus Student Computer Labs

Students have access to over 600 computers in collaborative workspaces and labs in residence halls, academic halls, and the Renne Library. Lab computers offer specialized and industry-standard software packages for technology-specific assignments, including Microsoft Office, Adobe products, AutoCAD, SAS, SPSS, and MCAD. Visit for more information.

Residence Hall Internet and Technical Assistance for Residents

ResNet connects more than 2700 residence hall rooms and family and graduate-student housing units with internet access. The ResNet Help Desk, located in South Hedges provides technical assistance to students living on campus that includes virus removal, software installs, and computer and mobile device support .  

Student Email

Students receive an MSU email account while enrolled at Montana State. Students are required to check email at least twice a week in order to receive and not risk missing official University communications (like financial aid, registration and advisor info, etc.) and other MSU-related announcements. See the Student Electronic Communication Policy for details.

Classroom Technology

Numerous classrooms are technology-enhanced with equipment to support instruction and enrich student learning. MSU has three TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) classrooms. Each of these spaces is designed and equipped with technology and furniture that create an active collaborative learning environment.