Certificate of Gerontology

The certificate will provide courses specifically focused on aging to increase the knowledge and understanding of aging issues for individuals wishing to work with older adults and their families. In the field of gerontology, certificate programs are common due to the multi-disciplinary focus of gerontology. The intent of a gerontology certificate is to provide specific knowledge on aging issues to enhance students programs of study in other programs and disciplines.

The online gerontology certificate program is a joint endeavor shared by faculty (community health and family and consumer sciences) in the Department of Health and Human Development at Montana State University. Students will need to complete 3 required courses (9 credits) and 2 elective courses (6 credits), for a total of 15 credits with earned grades of “C” or higher to fulfill certificate requirements.

Admission process: Given that the gerontology certificate program is open to any interested MSU student, it is important to have a process in place by which to track student enrollment. Therefore, students will be required to submit an application to the program coordinator. Online admission forms will be available to students. Students will be asked to provide the program coordinator with the following information: name, major, and no more than one paragraph as to why the student is interested in obtaining a gerontology certificate. Students interested in the gerontology certificate must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to be eligible for the certificate program.

Program requirements: To receive a gerontology certificate, students must complete all three required courses and two elective courses for a total of 15 credits. Students must complete all course work with a "C" or better. 

Required Courses


CHTH 245Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health in Aging3
CHTH 495Practical Experience in Aging3
HDFS 261Adult Development and Aging3
Choose two of the following:6
Leadership & Public Policies in Aging
Caregiving & Aging Families
Mental Health & Social Issues in Aging
Principles Wellbeing in Aging,Principles Wellbeing in Aginge
Total Credits:15