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The graduate program in Agricultural Education at Montana State University is designed to prepare graduates for entry into or advancement in formal and non-formal teaching careers. This program also provides development of professional leadership skills for other careers in agricultural leadership and communications.

The master's degree program in Agricultural Education, with its various options, provides a program that can be tailored to meet each student's career goals. In addition to the wide variety of professional courses in agricultural education, offerings are also available from all academic Departments in the College of Agriculture, including agricultural economics, animal and range sciences, land resources and environmental sciences, plant sciences and plant pathology, and veterinary molecular biology. Specialization areas such as adult education, educational administration, career education, and curriculum coordination are also available through cooperation with the College of Education, Health and Human Development. Plan A (thesis), Plan B (project or professional paper), and an online option are available.

Program Requirements

The program offers considerable flexibility to students to help them meet their professional and personal objectives. Plan A requires a thesis. A minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed, 20 credits of course work and 10 credits of thesis preparation. Students who choose Plan B are required to complete a professional paper based on a current research issue related to the student's emphasis area. Students will take a minimum of 30 hours of course work (no thesis credits). The final selection of the student's research activity will be the student's responsibility in collaboration with the advisor and the graduate committee.

The requirements for students in the online program are similar to those for students following the Plan B program. Taking a minimum of 6 credits per semester, students will take a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate coursework. Their coursework must include: Research Methods (AGED 506), Philosophy of Teaching and Learning in Agricultural Education. (AGED 511). Program Planning and Evaluation (AGED 507),  Graduate Seminar (AGED 594) two times during your program.   A final written exam and a professional paper are required in lieu of a thesis.


Before you apply to the Agricultural Education program, take a moment to review the application requirements on the Agricultural Education homepage. Once all application materials are received the Agricultural Education graduate committee will review the application (typically after the application deadline). Application deadlines are July 1 for a Fall start, November 15 for a Spring start and March 15 for Summer (international applicants must have materials in two months prior to these dates)  Based on their review, the department will provide their recommendation to The Graduate School; all applications will receive a response through your application portal. Teaching and Research Assistantships may be available for qualified students, if interested direct your questions to should apply to: mailto:

Required Application Materials – to be added to GS application

                Letter of intent – future plans & interest in teaching & research in agriculture

                3 letters of recommendation

                GRE scores


                GTA application (check box and statement of interest in teaching)


Application for on campus and online programs:

Additional information for online program:

Graduate Programs

Degree Requirements

To earn a Masters of Science in Agricultural Education students must complete a minimum of 30 credits.  Students deficient in preliminary course work may be required by their graduate committee to take additional courses for which they will not receive graduate credit (courses numbered 400).  All students' coursework must include Research Method in Agricultural Education (AGED 506)Program Planning and Evaluation (AGED 507),  Graduate Seminar (AGED 594),  Philosophy of Teaching and Learning in Agricultural Education AGED 511

The masters program may be taken under either of two plans. One plan requires a thesis (Plan A) and other requires a professional paper or project (Plan B, online).   All students are expected to submit their research to a journal or periodical for publication upon the completion of their degree program.