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The Master of Arts in English focuses on the interconnectedness of writing, teaching, and literary studies. At the heart of the program is a concern for the integrated interests of students and teachers in all branches of the field. Teachers, scholars, and writers in the program gain a better understanding of their own practices by seeing the extent to which each writer is also a literary critic, each teacher is also a writer and reader of literature, and all critics and readers are teachers and writers. The program is designed to extend and deepen the intellectual rigor of customary approaches to literature by examining issues these approaches often leave unaddressed, such as the history and institutionalization of the discipline; the relationship between theory and the practices of writing, teaching and textual studies; and the processes by which knowledge in the field of English has been and is constructed. The program responds to changing perspectives in the humanities and expands the professional options of its graduate students through a broadly conceived course of study and an integrated curriculum providing instruction in the areas of literary criticism, rhetoric and composition studies, and literary history. The program also allows students flexibility to design part of their program in consultation with their graduate adviser.


University standards for admission with full standing to The Graduate School:

  • 3.0 grade point average (A=4.0) and official transcripts for all undergraduate course work

Additionally, the Department of English requires:

  • Three letters of recommendation from people who can comment on the applicants potential for success in a graduate program in English
  • A personal essay in which the applicant discusses his/her reasons for pursuing the Master of Arts in English
  • 10-15 page writing sample
  • Optional--Official Graduate Record Exam (GRE) General Test score

*Deadline for admission and consideration for a teaching assistantship is January 31st. The final deadlines for admission only are July 1 (fall semester) and November 1 (spring semester). Deadlines for international students are May 15 (fall semester and September 15 (spring semester).

Financial Assistance

Graduate students may apply for departmental teaching assistantships, which are awarded on a competitive basis. To apply for an assistantship, discuss your interest in teaching in the personal essay you will submit as part of your application packet.

Graduate Program