Department of History and Philosophy

2-155 Wilson Hall
Bozeman , Montana 59717

Department Chair

Dr. Susan Cohen
2-155 Wilson Hall, Bozeman, MT  59717

The Department of History and Philosophy is dedicated to providing quality education in History for two graduate degree programs, the MA and the PhD. The Department offers concentrated training in three particular areas: the history of science, technology, and society; environmental history; and the history of the American West and Montana . While the degrees offered by the Department are grounded in American history, the faculty is committed to familiarizing students with World history, critical theoretical concerns, the history of women in a multi-cultural context, and to encouraging students to think about the history of the United States in a global context.


Prospective graduate students should follow the guidelines in the Admission Policies and Application Requirements sections. The GRE General Exam is not required. Successful applicants are accepted into both the department and The Graduate School.

Financial Assistance

The primary form of financial support available through the Department is the teaching assistantship, which is awarded on a competitive basis. There are sometimes other opportunities available for financial support, such as grading, research assistantships with individual faculty members, and tutoring positions.

Degree Offered