Agricultural Education Communications, Leadership, and Extension Track

Freshman YearCredits
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3    
ECNS 101IS - Economic Way of Thinking3    
NRSM 101 - Natural Resource Conservation3    
NRSM 102 - Montana Range Plants1    
CHMY 121IN - Introduction to General Chemistry4    
AGSC 101 - Introduction to Agricultural and Environmental Resources (1)1    
Take the following from appropriate track:0-1    
Leadership Track:
UC 102 - Leadership Explorations (1)
AGED 140US - Leadership Dev For Agriculture  3  
AGED 105 - Microcomputers in Agricultural  3  
M 105Q - Contemporary Mathematics (formerly M 145Q, Math for Liberal Arts)  3  
BIOB 160 - Principles of Living Systems  4  
ANSC 100 - Introduction to Animal Science  3  
Year Total: 15-16 16  
Sophomore YearCredits
FCS 101IS - Indiv and Fam Dev: Lifespan (3)3    
ENSC 245IN - Soils3    
CS 145RA - Web Design3    
BIOO 262IN - Introduction to Entomology3    
Lower Level Elective (3)3    
BIOB 110CS - Introduction to Plant Biology  3  
UC 202 - Leadership Foundations  3  
AGBE 210IS - Economics of Ag Business  3  
Take the following from appropriate track:  3-6  
Leadership and Extension Track:
Core A
Communications Track:
PHOT 154IA - Exploring Digital Photography
EDU 223IS - Educ Psych and Adolescent Dev  3  
Year Total: 15 15-18  
Junior YearCredits
BIOB 318 - Biometry3    
AGED 312R - Communicating Agriculture3    
ECNS 204IS - Microeconomics3    
BMGT 335 - Management and Organization3    
AGED 333 - Construction Technology3    
AGED 315 - Electrical and Power Systems Operation (or)3    
ANSC 265 - Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals - Lecture  3  
ANSC 266 - Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals - Lab  1  
AGED 309 - Philosophy and Programs in Extension  3  
BMKT 325 - Principles of Marketing (3)  3  
Take the following from the appropriate track:  6  
Leadership Track:
Leadership Elective (Upper Level) (3)
Communications Track:
WRIT 373 - News and Pub Relations Writing (3)
Extension Track:
Ag Elective (Upper Level) (3)
BMGT 205 - Prof Business Communication  3  
AGED 498 - Internship    4-8
Year Total: 18 19 4-8
Senior YearCredits
AGED 482 - Non-Formal Teaching Methods in Agriculture3    
AGED 485 - Laboratory Management and Teaching in Agricultural Education (Upper Level Elective)3    
Take following from appropriate track:3    
Leadership Track:
BMGT 420 - Leadership and Motivation (3)
Communications Track:
BMKT 343 - Integrated Marketing Communication (3)
Extension Track:
Ag Elective (Upper Level) (3)
UC 302 - Leadership Capstone1    
H Core (3)3    
AGED 494 - Seminar  3  
AGED 401 - Agricultural Relations Issues and Research  3  
Elective (Upper Level)  4  
Core D  3  
Year Total: 13 13  
Total Program Credits: 125

Ag Electives (Lower Level) 

ANSC 205Intro to Meat Evaluation2
ANSC 222Livestock in Sustain Systems3
HORT 105Miracle Growing3
HORT 245Plant Propagation3
NRSM 240Natural Resource Ecology3
ANSC 215Calving Management2
SFBS 146Introduction to Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems3

Ag Electives (Upper Level) 

AGSC 341Field Crop Prod3
AGSC 342Forages3
ANSC 316Meat Science4
ANSC 321Physiology of Animal Reproduction4
ANSC 337Disease of Domestic Livestock3
NRSM 421Holistic Thought/Mgmt4
WILD 325Wildlife-Livestock Nutrition3

Communications Electives 

BMKT 240Advertising3
CS 204Multimedia Dev Methods3
WRIT 326Advanced Writing3
WRIT 371Digital Rhetorics and Multimodal Writing3
WRIT 372Science Writing for Popular Non-Fiction3
WRIT 374Magazine Editing3
WRIT 429Professional Writing3

Leadership Electives 

AGSC 465RHealth, Agriculture, Poverty4
BGEN 242DIntro to Int'l Business3
BMGT 366Supervisory Management Skills3
BMGT 406Negotiation/Dispute Resolution3
BMKT 337Consumer Behavior3
BMKT 343Integrated Marketing Communication3
BMKT 436Sales and Sales Management3
SOCI 345Sociology of Organizations3
WRIT 373News and Pub Relations Writing3

A minimum of 125 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.  All tracks will earn a Leadership Fellows Certificate as a part of their program.