College of Agriculture

Charles Boyer, VP of Agriculture, Dean and Director

Undergraduate Programs Available:
The College of Agriculture offers the Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural business, agricultural education, animal science, environmental horticulture, environmental sciences, natural resources and rangeland ecology, plant science, and sustainable food & bioenergy systems. In addition, a pre-veterinary program is available for students wishing to prepare for professional training in veterinary medicine.

Undergraduate minors are offered in agricultural business, animal science, entomology, environmental horticulture, natural resources and rangeland ecology, and soil science.

Agricultural Business Minor
The Agricultural Business minor is specifically designed for management training with emphasis on finance, accounting, and managerial economics in agriculture-related businesses and industries.

Animal Science Minor
The minor in animal science is designed to give students outside of agriculture a broad overview of the livestock industry.

Entomology Minor
The Entomology minor provides focused training in entomology for students majoring in agricultural and natural resource disciplines.

Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology Minor
A Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology minor provides students with the basics of managing rangeland ecosystems for wildlife habitat, livestock production, and soil and water conservation.

Soil Science Minor
The Soil Science minor is designed to provide non-majors with fundamental soils courses in preparation for natural resource careers.

Water Resources Minor
The Water Resources Minor is designed to encourage a student from any discipline to explore water resources beyond course work in their major.