Microbiology Minor (Non-Teaching)

BIOM 103INUnseen Universe: Microbes3
or BIOM 250 Microbiology for Health Sciences: Infectious Diseases
BIOB 160Principles of Living Systems4
or BIOB 260 Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIOM 360General Microbiology pre-reqs BIOB 160, CHMY 141 & 1435
Microbiology Electives (need 13 cr. from list below)13
BIOB 410Immunology3
BIOB 424Ethical Practice of Science3
BIOB 477Genome Science and Gene Expression5
BIOH 405Hematology3
BIOH 406Hematology Laboratory1
BIOH 422Genes and Cancer3
BIOM 363Eukaryotic Cell Biology3
BIOM 400Medical Microbiology3
BIOM 410Microbial Genetics3
BIOM 405Host-Associated Microbiomes3
BIOM 415Microbial Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution3
BIOM 419Programming for Biologists (Programming for Biologists)3
BIOM 421Concepts of Plant Pathology3
BIOM 423Mycology3
BIOM 425Toxicology: Science of Poisons3
BIOM 430Applied and Environmental Microbiology4
BIOM 427General Parasitology4
BIOM 431Medical Bacteriology3
BIOM 432Med Bacteriology Lab2
BIOM 435Virology3
BIOM 441Eukaryotic Pathogens4
BIOM 450Microbial Physiology3
BIOM 452Soil & Envirnmntl Microbiology3
BIOM 455RResearch Mthds in Microbiology (may take twice - fall and spring)4
BIOM 460Infectious Diseases Ecology and Spillover3
BIOM 490RUndergraduate Research3
BIOM 498Microbiology Internship1-4

Microbiology electives must be numbered 280 and above. A minimum of 9 credits total must be in courses numbered 300 and above. A maximum of 2 Undergraduate Research credits can be applied to the minor.